Thursday, January 31, 2013

Old Windows

I just love the look of something old becoming something new, or just the look of something old as decor in your house. The hunt of finding old things and using them for my house is my favorite. I haven't gotten that many things that I have actually used, but I have a pile of things that I want to paint and use in my house & I'll have to show those off as I do them. One thing that I did find at a garage sale was an old window. I love it.
I am kinda in that after Christmas decorating rut, so I took to Pinterest for some inspiration & I thought it would be fun to share my findings! ;-)

 I just love this unique idea of making a personalized sign out of a single pane old window!
(Source: StoneGable Blog)
 Oh...Or this idea of putting shelves on it & a little candle and vase! Love the idea of putting it over a desk work station too!
(Source: It's Rustic Living)
 This is just too fun! An old window made into a coffee table! EKK!
(You can see more flea market finds on their post here! Southern Hospitality blog)
And oh my goodness...I don't have a staircase, but if I did, I would totally be on the hunt for old windows to do this! So cute!

So, which one was your favorite??
As you can see my poor window is looking pretty lonely, so I am so inspired to dress it up! Do you have any old windows and how to you decorate with them?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Shop Update

Happy Monday!
Monday is almost over, but I have 6 new tops that I am putting in my shop this evening & I wanted to show them off. They are the cutest pinafore tops with no buttons, no-fuss, just pop over the head & go! :-) And....they are reversible, so it's 2 tops in one! Win, Win!! :-)
Blossoms size 4T
Blue Floral Size 2T
Flowers & Dots - Size 12mo-18mo
Pretty In Pink-- Size 3T
Sweet & Sassy-- Size 2T
Watercolor Flowers--Size 2T (realized I didn't take reverse side & then it was too dark, but it reverses to pink gingham. So sweet!)
Here's a picture of little Miss modeling a pinafore top a few years ago...ahh! Melt my heart!
Going to add them to my shop now! Come take a look & tell me which one is your favorite! :-)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tooth Fairy Pillow Tutorial

If you saw my last post, you would have learned that we are in the midst of loosing Fritter's baby teeth. Well the second one is on it's way out, so we have to have a Tooth Fairy pillow. I love to make things for Fritter & since she is getting older I love to include her in the process. We headed to the fabric store & I told her she could pick her fabric & this is what she picked. Ha! 

Not exactly what I would have chosen, but it is SO her right now with her cheetah infatuation. ha! 

So I thought I would break it down for anyone that would be interested in making a tooth fairy pillow for their little one. :-) 

Head to the fabric store and buy 1/4 yard of your favorite fabric. You can also add any embellishments (ribbon, ric rac, buttons, etc) you may like, so buy those now too!

This is the fabric that my girl choose (Sassy!!)...Cut 2 squares 8x8 size. 

For the pocket on the front cut one piece 4.25-4.5" X 8". Fold down & press a 1/4 in. and sew down top hem of pocket. Add any embellishments to the outside pocket. I added some chunky brown ric-rac I had on hand.

Be sure to also cut your ribbon 8-10 inches long to hang from the bed or doorknob. 

Then layer the bottom square facing up, pocket on top facing up, ribbon inside about one inch from each side, and then put top square right side down and sew 3/8 inch around the pillow leaving a 1.5-2 inch opening to stuff with Poly Fill.

Turn the pillow inside out, press, and then stuff until full. You can either topstitch by hand or with your machine.

Then hang from bed post & wait for the Tooth Fairy! :-)

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial! Here is a quick summary of supplies needed: 

-1/4 yard of fabic
-ribbon, ric rac, buttons, any embellishment to decorate pillow
-Poly Fill
-ribbon to hang pillow
-Needle & thread

Can't wait to see if you create one! Let me know if you do! :-)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tooth Fairy Time

As I'm sitting down to write this, I am really in denial that I am actually writing this post....
We had a vistor this weekend & I just can't believe she already had to make her debut. I mean, wasn't my baby girl just born?!?
I went to pick Fritter up from preschool on Friday and her teacher told me that she had a little bit of a meltdown at snack because as she was eating her tooth started to move around loose & she thought I was going to be so mad at her.
After she told me that, I felt like she probably thought I was a really "hardcore" & mean mom to be mad at my daughter for losing a tooth. So we got in the van & I asked Fritter..."Why did you think Momma would be mad at you because your tooth is loose?"
 She said, "Well, you told me if I eat too much candy that my teeth will rot out & it's happening!! My teeth are rotting out!!"
I couldn't help but giggle & reassure her that this was just a part of growing up & getting "big girl" teeth. She still hasn't asked for another piece of candy since though...ha! 

She actually had to stay with my parents that evening & it was drama. No one could come close to her mouth or even look at it. So she sat with a paper towel in her mouth all day long & didn't eat or speak at all! It was a pretty peaceful afternoon for her Nonna! HA!

That night she slept with a washrag in her mouth and in the morning her little tooth was in there! :-)

So, now I have this little snaggle tooth cutie....

The Tooth Fairy came that night and left "fairy dust" everywhere & 4 shiny quarters! She also left a fun letter that made her day!
She should have left mommy some tissues, because I can't believe we are entering into this stage...Let the snaggle tooth grins begin! :-)

Thursday, January 10, 2013


This January we have started to slowly ease into our new routine. Fritter started back at a 3 day preschool program, we still go to our homeschool co-op, and I started a ladies bible study every Thursday morning this morning. (So excited about it & can't wait to soak up Hebrews!)
(Sweet girl on her first morning...)
So, every morning we are getting up, getting dress and out the door. Even though Little A and I usually come right back home, I can not tell you how much energy I have from just getting up and dressed and going somewhere. To be honest, I had fallen into such a slump...We were always at home, I felt like my house was always torn apart, I could never concentrate enough to even attempt to sew/craft/do school work with Fritter/clean house, etc. I was turning into this crazy woman. LOL
I'm sure other moms can relate, BUT
that is so not me, so I am resolved to be better at things & to get more organized & motivated! We are 10 days in & I'm still doing good! ha!

Going to bed at a decent hour is one of those things that I need to get better at I better go there now!


Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Hi, my name is Stacy & I have a scarf problem...There I said it! Can anyone relate? 
I spent the afternoon cleaning out my closet yesterday...(yea, no fun!), but I swear there were scarves flying everywhere. I asked on Facebook if any friends had any tips on organizing scarves and some gave great advice! A couple of people talked about this nifty scarf hanger from Bed, Bath & Beyond....
I'll have to check it out soon, but I was also sent this link here and ended up going with the number 6 way of organizing them. I filled up 3 hangers....Haha!
Sooo...To feed the addiction even more...
I have had some infinity scarf tutorials pinned to my Pinterest sewing board for ages now, so I decided in November to give it a try.....I was HOOKED! They are so much fun to make, so I posted a picture of them on my Instagram and Facebook and so many friends have been so sweet to buy them from me.

Here are a few I have made:
Red Paisley (so silky & soft)
Light Pink Swiss Dot
Black, Gray & Yellow Chevron Print (so fun!)
I set up at shop at Storenvy for my infinity scarves ( & wanted to show them off to you. :-)

Are you a scarf lover too? I mean you really can't have too many... ;-)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, New Beginnings

Happy 2013!! I swear I blinked and it is here....I hardly ever do resolutions, but I really want to challenge myself to write down some to hold myself accountable & to have a place to come back and see how I am doing through out the year. we go:

1. To grow in my relationship with the Lord (not cliche talk, but real growth). By taking every means possible with my schedule, spare time, seeking out fellowship with other believers, bible studies, etc. I made this my number 1, because if this is my first priority all the others will fall happily in place & bring Him glory.

2. To grow in my marriage & mothering (Oh, how I fail miserably sometimes at both of these...) Thankful for the Lord's grace & his constant mercy towards me in these areas.

3. To grow back my love for blogging (I WILL post no matter if I just folded laundry that day...I just can't believe this whole year past by & I hardly documented any of it... :-/)

4. Finish EVERY project that I have ever started and left unfinished...(This may take the whole year! ha!) There are painting projects, sewing projects, house projects, etc....Hey! There are some posts to blog about! ;-)

5. To be better with taking pictures of my babies and actually print them, frame them & enjoy them in my home....I am SO bad about this....

6. To be a better friend & encourager to those around me. I feel like I have been in a slump this year & really want to grow in time with my friends & grow in relationships with new ones! It could be writing notes to encourage, sending a random text or call to see how they are, or actual dinner or coffee and spend time together. I need to get out of my bubble and cherish the people I have in my life.

7. To sew for MYSELF! :-)

8. Of course, I'm going to throw healthy eating & working out in there too, because I have been a crazy eating person the last few months & also, how could you have a resolution list without this on there? ;-)

Well I could probably write a book, but those are a few that I really want to grow and change in for 2013! It will be a great year & I'm looking forward to it!

It is such a good thing to sit down and reflect on how you want to grow or change in the new year. Do you have any resolutions or things you want to work on in 2013?

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