Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ikea Chalkboard Redo

Have you ever found something at a store, but you thought it was a little plain or boring? I found the LUNS Ikea Chalkboard this past summer on my trip to Ikea and it just needed something extra to give it some character and charm.
I decided to paint my chalkboard a cream white color and to cover it with a dark brown glaze to give it that rustic and not brand new look!
Latex Paint (whatever color you desire)
Glaze (whatever shade you desire; Mine was Chauteau Brown)
I had alot of paint on hand that we used to paint our kitchen cabinets and a glaze left over from another project, but if you are starting from scratch you could any latex paint color you would want & probably would only need a tester bottle amount. Not much at all!  
First off, when I opened my chalkboard it was all unassembled so I just kept it that way & primed each piece.
Then I applied the first coat of a creamish white color & let it dry & then I actually added another coat to get it completely covered.
 After my white coats were dry, I applied my glaze. My glaze was a dark glaze, so I had to work in sections. Apply the glaze liberally with a paintbrush and then wipe off completely with a washcloth.
You should then have a light tint to your wood as seen below. In the rectangle space, I decided to add fabric to give it a little pop of color. Just measure your fabric cut it out then use mod podge layer to glue it to the board and then apply a layer of Mod Podge on the top of the fabric to give it a nice finished look.
I let everything dry, assembled all the pieces & TA-DA!! A brand new fun, not boring Chalkboard! Perfect to leave little notes to each other & it is magnetic too!
 Before & After!

I hope I've inspired you to go find things that are boring & give them new life!
Have a great Thursday! :-)

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