Monday, February 18, 2013

Fritter Funnies

So..My little Fritter's are constantly keeping me laughing, so for my personal reminder I thought I would write them down. They may not be funny to you if you read, but they crack me up! :-)
The other day we drove through Wendy's to get lunch and they were so fast and nice, so I complimented them by letting them know. Anna then tells me, " Awe! They were so good, I wish they were my parents!"  UM.......I think I should be concerned. It gave me a good laugh! ;-)
Anna makes up words all the time & this week her word of the week was Donkficated.
What does that mean?!?!
Donkficated (Anna's definition): Like when the bread of my grilled cheese is brown on this side and too brown on this side. That is just so donkficated! Like frustrated.
haha! I guess I need to work on my grilled cheese skills, so she doesn't get donkficated with me. :-)
This is what I get awakened by this morning....
"Momma! Is it Easter yet? Because I just love Easter & Halloween, because you get some more candy, candy, candy!"
Geezz....I guess we need to have a talk about the true meaning of holidays! ha!
My little Fritter, Abram, is talking more and more and it is so cute when he says a new word how excited Anna gets. She notices everytime he says something new & is so amazed. The other day he said, "Juice!" and tried to get the bottle out of the refrigerator and she thought he was so smart. I hope she is always his biggest cheerleader! ;-)
That's all that comes to mind now that have happened in the last few days, so I hope they gave you a laugh. I know they sure did to me! :-)

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  1. my 2 favorites...wishing the peeps at Wendy's were her parents and donkficated!! Love it!!


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