Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Catching Up & Dot Mom Conference

I've been pretty quiet on here the last week, because things have been so busy & hectic that this is actually the first spare moment that I've gotten to sit quietly and work on a post. (Thank goodness for a good naptime! :-))
My sweet grandmother went to be with the Lord last Tuesday morning. She suffered from Alzheimer's disease for the last probably 8 years and she is finally at peace now. So we did a turn around trip to go to her services in one day, so needless to say 8 hours in the van with both kids late into the night was not alot of fun. ha!
The next morning I was able to go to a really fun conference put on by Lifeway called DotMom in Dallas. It was a great time to get away with my best childhood friend and be encouraged in the Lord on mothering. I have to admit that it could not have come at a better time too. I have been very weary lately being in the "trenches" of motherhood and I really have not been valuing the time I have with my littles. This quote has always been special to me since I became a believer 9 years ago, and it was shared at the conference. I have been keeping it in the forefront of my mind all week when it comes to my parenting.
While we were there we were able to meet some fun & sweet ladies whose blogs we have read for years, Big Mama (Melanie) & Angie Smith. They were both so genuine & sincere and it was so nice to meet them.

I won a book at the Late Night Bash that will be coming out in the Spring called "Raising a Lady In Waiting: Parent's Guide to helping your daughter avoid a Bozo" HA! (That is my prayer one day!) They also had a younger book geared toward young girls 4-9 years old full of small devotionals and projects you can do with your daughters, so I'm excited to start that with her soon.
They also had a Compassion table there and I am trying to teach Fritter about missions and serving others, so I thought this would be a great idea for her to interact with another young girl her same age and learn to pray and write to her. We got a sweet girl named Ruth from Nicaragua & Anna was SO excited about her. She talks about her everyday and calls her, "Her new friend from South America!" We are going to sit tomorrow and color some pictures for her and write her a letter to get sent out & I'm sure they will become great pen pals! :-)
Such a sweet girl!
It was a great relaxing time & I am so thankful for my husband for wanting me to go and being Mr. Mom for a few days! :-)
Have you ever been to DotMom or another great Christian conference? What did you take away from them?
Have a great Wednesday!

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