Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tooth Fairy Time

As I'm sitting down to write this, I am really in denial that I am actually writing this post....
We had a vistor this weekend & I just can't believe she already had to make her debut. I mean, wasn't my baby girl just born?!?
I went to pick Fritter up from preschool on Friday and her teacher told me that she had a little bit of a meltdown at snack because as she was eating her tooth started to move around loose & she thought I was going to be so mad at her.
After she told me that, I felt like she probably thought I was a really "hardcore" & mean mom to be mad at my daughter for losing a tooth. So we got in the van & I asked Fritter..."Why did you think Momma would be mad at you because your tooth is loose?"
 She said, "Well, you told me if I eat too much candy that my teeth will rot out & it's happening!! My teeth are rotting out!!"
I couldn't help but giggle & reassure her that this was just a part of growing up & getting "big girl" teeth. She still hasn't asked for another piece of candy since though...ha! 

She actually had to stay with my parents that evening & it was drama. No one could come close to her mouth or even look at it. So she sat with a paper towel in her mouth all day long & didn't eat or speak at all! It was a pretty peaceful afternoon for her Nonna! HA!

That night she slept with a washrag in her mouth and in the morning her little tooth was in there! :-)

So, now I have this little snaggle tooth cutie....

The Tooth Fairy came that night and left "fairy dust" everywhere & 4 shiny quarters! She also left a fun letter that made her day!
She should have left mommy some tissues, because I can't believe we are entering into this stage...Let the snaggle tooth grins begin! :-)

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  1. Oh my goodness...this post cracked me up!! The "drama" these littles bring into our lives is wonderful...but how exciting for Anna! She looks adorable with her little tooth missing. I am dreading this stage...I hated losing teeth as a kid. But I'm going to start talking about teeth rotting and falling out with Claire...hoping to curb the sugary appetite!! :) Thanks for sharing!!


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