Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tooth Fairy Pillow Tutorial

If you saw my last post, you would have learned that we are in the midst of loosing Fritter's baby teeth. Well the second one is on it's way out, so we have to have a Tooth Fairy pillow. I love to make things for Fritter & since she is getting older I love to include her in the process. We headed to the fabric store & I told her she could pick her fabric & this is what she picked. Ha! 

Not exactly what I would have chosen, but it is SO her right now with her cheetah infatuation. ha! 

So I thought I would break it down for anyone that would be interested in making a tooth fairy pillow for their little one. :-) 

Head to the fabric store and buy 1/4 yard of your favorite fabric. You can also add any embellishments (ribbon, ric rac, buttons, etc) you may like, so buy those now too!

This is the fabric that my girl choose (Sassy!!)...Cut 2 squares 8x8 size. 

For the pocket on the front cut one piece 4.25-4.5" X 8". Fold down & press a 1/4 in. and sew down top hem of pocket. Add any embellishments to the outside pocket. I added some chunky brown ric-rac I had on hand.

Be sure to also cut your ribbon 8-10 inches long to hang from the bed or doorknob. 

Then layer the bottom square facing up, pocket on top facing up, ribbon inside about one inch from each side, and then put top square right side down and sew 3/8 inch around the pillow leaving a 1.5-2 inch opening to stuff with Poly Fill.

Turn the pillow inside out, press, and then stuff until full. You can either topstitch by hand or with your machine.

Then hang from bed post & wait for the Tooth Fairy! :-)

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial! Here is a quick summary of supplies needed: 

-1/4 yard of fabic
-ribbon, ric rac, buttons, any embellishment to decorate pillow
-Poly Fill
-ribbon to hang pillow
-Needle & thread

Can't wait to see if you create one! Let me know if you do! :-)

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  1. Aw... This is a precious tooth fairy pillow. I love that she picked out pink cheetah fabric!


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