Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Hi, my name is Stacy & I have a scarf problem...There I said it! Can anyone relate? 
I spent the afternoon cleaning out my closet yesterday...(yea, no fun!), but I swear there were scarves flying everywhere. I asked on Facebook if any friends had any tips on organizing scarves and some gave great advice! A couple of people talked about this nifty scarf hanger from Bed, Bath & Beyond....
I'll have to check it out soon, but I was also sent this link here and ended up going with the number 6 way of organizing them. I filled up 3 hangers....Haha!
Sooo...To feed the addiction even more...
I have had some infinity scarf tutorials pinned to my Pinterest sewing board for ages now, so I decided in November to give it a try.....I was HOOKED! They are so much fun to make, so I posted a picture of them on my Instagram and Facebook and so many friends have been so sweet to buy them from me.

Here are a few I have made:
Red Paisley (so silky & soft)
Light Pink Swiss Dot
Black, Gray & Yellow Chevron Print (so fun!)
I set up at shop at Storenvy for my infinity scarves ( & wanted to show them off to you. :-)

Are you a scarf lover too? I mean you really can't have too many... ;-)


  1. girl. i just bought 2 scarf hangers on amazon just tonight!! they each hold 10 scarves. but i love them...i wear them more than i wear necklaces. so yes, i share the addiction! glad you could admit your i know i'm not the only one!! :)

  2. Oh lady, you are not alone. I LOVE them! The more the merrier. I need to buy a hanger for them all. my husband put hooks in our closet for them, but it would be better if I just got a special hanger for them. lol

  3. Oh these. Really love that first one!


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