Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Soccer

We decided to sign Fritter up for Fall Soccer this year & she is loving it! It is so funny to watch little kids play soccer. Half of them are running the other way & then some get mad when the ball gets taken from them & then others are very competitve and all about getting the ball to their net.
Fritter loves it & has lots of fun! Here she is all ready to go for her first practice:
And here is some highlights of her first game.....

She isn't quite as "assertive" as I thought she would be, but loves to follow along and cheer and tell her teammates what to do. HA! She even brought me a flower during the game last Saturday...She is a coach's dream! ha! ;-)
She is having fun and getting lots of energy out & that's all that matters.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

What I've Been Up To.....

Well it's been pretty quiet on here lately, but things have been busy! We are in full swing of doing school with Fritter, Little A is busy into everything, I'm enjoying being a soccer mom and I've been sewing in my spare time to keep my store stocked.
I have made a few dresses recently that I wanted to show off. If you know any little girls that need some new clothes for the Fall, then I'm your girl! :-)
 LOVE Paisley Dress found here
 Pretty in Purple Peasant Dress found here
 Black with Purple Flowers Jumper found here
Playful Paisley Double Layer skirt found here
(Sizes 18M, 2T &3T available now)
There are lots of other goodies in my shop too, but these are the most recent items I've listed & are some great ones for the Fall!
We are also in full swing soccer season & I'm a proud soccer mom! :-) Little kid soccer is so funny to watch, so check back tomorrow to see some of Fritter's moves!
Have a great Thursday!

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