Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Oh my goodness! How did I completely miss August?!? To say we have been busy around here is an understatement, so I have LOTS to catch up with over the next few days! :-)
Last time I left I was in full time mode of getting ready for the trunk show I participated in. It was a lot of fun and I made alot of new contacts and sold a good number of dresses that I have had for a good while, so I was happy to get some things cleared out & for some sweet girls get some new dresses!
My friend was able to take some pictures of my booth, so I'm excited to show it off!
My husband put together some old doors that were given to us & it was the perfect way to display my dresses. I love that they are facing out & made it easy for people to see. Every dress I sold was facing outward on those doors. Very good tip for future craft shows! :-)
Close up of my door display
Hanging rack full of other goodies & my table of baby items (bibs, burp cloths, etc.)
 The other side of my display with a table of fabric journal covers, young girl patchwork scarves, and reversible headbands. 
This was my center display dress & I love it! It was the first one sold in the first 20 mins!! I have more fabric and I'm about to have it listed in my shop very soon! :-) It is so pretty for the Fall!
Smiling with my booth!
It was definitely alot of hard work, but it just brought me so much joy to just step back and see everything I made with my own two hands. People were so complimentary and sweet and I think I gained alot of new fans & handed out alot of business cards. It was a great afternoon!
My facebook page is also growing alot too now! If you want to receive more updates about things that I've made or planning on making, then head over to & become a fan! :-)
Be back tomorrow with more catching up!


  1. Wow! The doors are amazing. You're stuff looks awesome.

  2. I've missed you!! Welcome back to the blogosphere :)


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