Sunday, July 1, 2012

Party, Party, Party

What a busy weekend full of parties that we have had around here!

Friday night, I hosted my 2nd Pinterest party and it was so much fun! I had about 8 friends come over and bring a Pinterest recipe and their supplies to make a craft and it was such a fun night! I was having so much fun and busy hosting that I forgot to take a single picture! Ahh!! Some of the girls worked on wreaths, others on fabric flowers, another on a fun gift, and a Mason jar vase holder. It was so exciting to see their creativity! I can't wait until the next one in the Fall! (& I promise to take pictures! :-))

Yesterday, we had 2 birthday parties! One in the morning at the park & then another at Chuck E Cheese in the evening.

I was balancing both kids by myself at the park party, so I didn't get any pictures! I need to do better! Ahh! Emmalyne has been our friend since birth, so we were so excited to celebrate her 5 year old birthday!

Fritter received an invitation to a Chuck E Cheese party from a little boy that was in her preschool class back in the school year. She has never been to Chuck E Cheese, so she was so excited to go. It was so cute when we got there, because they were just so thankful that Fritter came. They said their the little boy talks about her all the time. It was mainly family and cousins there and everyone knew who Fritter was. It was sweet.

Abram loved joining in the festivites too....well mainly, just the pizza part of it! This child is my bottomless pit when it comes to eating! Ha!

When Chuck E Cheese came out to dance, some children ran away crying or screaming in fear...Nope, not my child. She was the first one up there dancing (or attacking!) with Chuck E Cheese. It was hilarious!

Well, everyone probably about to wake up from their naps...I'm working on a fun purse pattern that I can't wait to show off, so I better go enjoy a few more quiet moments while I can! :-)

Happy Sunday!

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