Sunday, July 8, 2012

Houston Weekend Trip

We had such a fun time this weekend going down to Houston to visit my sister, brother-in-law, and cutie nephew. It was my first trip down alone with both kids and it was quite an adventure with lots of "are we there yet?" and fussing because little man did not like being in his carseat for that long, but we made it and had a great time!!

We took the kids to Chicfila & the neighborhood pool on Friday. It was nice to soak up some sun and play with the kids.
Fritter & Nic-Nic :-)
Little A liked Chic Fil-a nuggets too! (sorry, for the crazy Iphone pic hand!)
Little A swimming with Aunt Linds
Fritter showing off her "cool watergun"
With my little splasher :-)

Saturday morning we woke up & went to High Fashion Fabric in downtown Houston (LOVED IT!!), ate at Red Robin & then went to Ikea!

I have always wanted to go & had a little fun grabbing things and putting them in my big yellow bag! Ha! It was so fun!

There were a ton of people there and with 3 kids in tow, it got a little crazy, but we made it through and got some fun purchases! :-)

I got a few things to make some crafts with so I can't wait to show them off when I get them done!

Well, off to unpack!

What did you do fun this weekend??

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