Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday, Baby Boy!!

When I found out I was having a baby boy, I have to admit I was a little "freaked out", because I wasn't sure I knew how to be a "boy mom." I was completely wrong....This first year he has stolen my heart & I have had the sweetest time falling in love with my baby boy and watching him grow. Happy Birthday, Abram! I enjoyed celebrating you today! :-)
My sweet 1 year old boy

I did a number one theme with dark blue, baby blue and red. We just kept it easy with cupcakes and ice cream.
Here is the table set-up for the cupcakes
I decorated the mantle with pictures of Abram from newborn to recent. It was so fun to see how much he has grown and changed.
My parents got him an Anywhere Chair and he felt so big sitting in it. He loved it!

Singing Happy Birthday & "blowing" out the candle! I was so scared he was going to cry during the song, but he was so happy & just smiled at everybody! :-)
 He LOVES cupcakes!
He got lots of sweet presents from family and friends.... 
 Like clothes....
And fun toys too! :-)

We had such a fun day celebrating and I really can't believe my baby boy is one. It definitely goes by faster with the second. We go to his one year check up this week so I don't know his stats, but he is talking so much more and doing new things everyday. He now says: bye-bye, Hey..., yea, da-da, ma-ma, and uh-oh.

Now, I'm off to put new toys away and head to bed.

Be sure to enter the HappyBaby Snack pack giveaway I'm hosting & come back Monday when I show off a fun bag I made and review the pattern! :-)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Happy 1st birthday Abram! Love your party decor.


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