Friday, July 13, 2012

Coffee Date: Vlog & Fun Mail Friday

I'm linking up this week with Alissa at Rags to Stitches for a Coffee Date!! I decided to do a vlog & ya'll can't laugh at me! HA! I really would have gotten an F in college speech if I was graded on this b/c I say "um" about a BAZILLION times to many & I say "I'm so excited" a few times too many also...ha! So if you can stand that, I'd love for  you to watch! :-)
1. I need craft/trunk show tips! Have you ever done one? My items are mostly children's clothing and baby/children items, but any tips on what sells best & what doesn't? Also, I want a cute setup...Any tips?

2. I'm starting to homeschool my daughter next month too!! Ahh!! Hope I don't mess her up! ;-) Any tips with that would be appreciated! I'd love to know of any fun blogs or websites you like?

3. Fun Mail Friday Live!! I got a couple of fun things in the mail this week that I showed off... :-) You can link up below and blog about your fun mail too! :-)

Now...head back to Rags to Stitches and meet some new friends and enjoy coffee with them! :-)
Fun Mail Friday Link Up


  1. Coffee has always been my favourite drink. It seems to boost my energy. But truly speaking, I never knew that coffee has such an amazing history. Thanks lot, for sharing it.

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  2. You're so fun! And I admire your decision to homeschool. That's such a huge responsibility!! Thanks for checking out my vlog too. I'm glad I could make you and your girl laugh :)

  3. Girl you are precious - as always! Great Vlog. So nice hearing that sweet southern accent. Good luck with the craft show. You'll be a hit!

  4. Great job! I love that you're going to be homeschooling!

  5. A lot of stuff for the craft sale depends on your area but I would add in some small stuff like coasters and fabric covered buttons and magnets they always sell well for me. Also, aprons are really big right now. I would make a super cute one to wear during the sale. As to home schooling, hook up with other home schoolers in your area for field trips and special learning experiences. That will get her into the socializing with kids her age and being a learning experience too. Good luck. I always wanted to home school my girls but I had to work full time so that just wasn't possible.


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