Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Photo Shoot

This is what happens.....
 when you try to have a photo shoot..........
 with your 11 month old son......
 and he just isn't coorporating.....
 Lots of silly faces.....
 Back of the head.....
And looking at everything, but Momma!
My boy is so sweet & silly!

Like his bibs?

I loaded up my shop The Fancy Fritter with lots of new baby items for boys & girls, so you should check them out! :-)


  1. Stacy, this is so boys! Ethan is the same way. Looking everywhere, BUT the camera :) They're so much fun.

    1. I know, Brandi! I'm acting crazy & he has no care. Ha! Boys! ;-)

  2. Love these pics! So glad your shop is up and running again! You are so talented.


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