Monday, June 25, 2012

Lazy Day

Today was a low key day at our house. We spent most of the day in our pj's and sweats. I caught up on laundry..(still folding..does it ever end??) and I did some sewing!

Sweet A still hanging out in his pj's! :-)
 Little Fritter showing off "her phone." She is in love with my old Iphone & playing games. As long as we aren't baking in the heat outside, I'm ok with it! HA! :-)
 & here's a pic of me and my mile long arm! Ha!

 I finished up piecing the quilt top for Abram...Now for the border, backing, and binding. This is my first quilt and it is fun to see it come along, but it is definitely a labor of love! Hope he likes it! ;-)

I also finished up some pink bloomers for this new outfit listed in my Etsy shop today! Don't you just love ruffles?!?! So fun!

There is an exciting note to this rather boring day! I signed up to advertise on a fun blog called Sew Caroline! You'll have to go check out her blog & look for my ad on the sidebar! :-)

Well, off to finish that laundry.... ;-)

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  1. So much goodness in this post. Fritter with the iPhone...your quilt...advertising on Sew Caroline...your mile long arm:). Happy day friend.


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