Friday, June 22, 2012

Fun Mail Friday!!

Happy Friday!!

Here on my blog I want to start a fun new weekly feature called Fun Mail Friday! If anyone knows me they know that I LOVE getting mail! I remember when I first got married I signed up for a GAZILLION catalogs to be sent to me in the mail. My new husband was less than thrilled to be seeing all these catalogs going around, but I loved getting something "fun" in the mail!

Soo...Since I love mail, I want to see all of the fun things you are getting in the mail through out the week & share some of the fun things I get too. It can be anything! A sweet letter from a friend or relative, a fun magazine (or catalog :-)), a fun package you received, etc. I thought this would be a fun way to show off your favorite handmade shops or businesses to your readers, too!

Here is my Friday Fun Mail....

First off, I finally joined the fun, fabulous Gussy Sews group! :-) I just love my medium size tangerine Gussy. It will be perfect for my purse to keep all of my lip gloss, loose change, and all of the stuff I constantly dig for down in the bottom of my purse! Do you have a Gussy Sews bag?
They come packaged so nicely with a fun note from Maggie! Each bag is handmade in her studio!
Yay for handmade! :-)

It is just super adorable & I love it! The fabric is such a nice quality & super soft!

So, you'll have to go check out Gussy Sews & join the fun club too! :-)

The next fun mail I got this week was a super fun pattern from Trish at Two Peas In a Pod Design!

I'm going to make and review The Madison Bag and will have a post up soon about that! Trish has a super fun blog and will be doing giveaways of her e-classes this summer, so you definitely need to check her out!  ;-)

This bag is so fun and I can't wait to make one for myself to show off to you!

A magazine I got this week is called MomSense and it is a publication from the MOPS organization I used to be involved in. It had lots of great articles on motherhood and lots of encouragment! Plus, the front cover just cracked me up! (That has surely never happened at my house! Ha!)

Soo...What is your Fun Mail Friday?

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  1. I love your gussy sew pouch! I can't wait to see your bag that you make! Happy Friday.

  2. Happy sewing! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  3. Stacy I remember when we were younger and you used to get packages of stickers/stationary from your grandma (I think it was your grandma). I was always so envious, but that was even more reason to go play at Stacy's. About the most exciting thing I got in the mail is an US Weekly magazine. I'm waiting on a package from Amazon....any day now. I got E a fan for his stroller, like a month ago. Snail mail.

    1. Awe! What a sweet memory! That was from my Nana in Arkansas & they owned a teaching supply store! She is very sick and in the late stages of Alzheimer's, so I'm so glad you shared that memory! A fan for his stroller?!? That sounds great! You'll have to link up & show it off when it comes in bc we may need one! Ha! Glad your trip went great! :-)


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