Friday, June 24, 2011

35 weeks!

Oops! I missed my 34 week post, so I'll just catch up with what is going on now. Things have gotten so busy in these last few weeks and I'm so excited that my little man will be here in the next month! :-)

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 35 weeks

Size of baby: I'm guessing off of the ultrasound we had 2 weeks ago & what he weighed then that he is about 5 1/2 lbs.  BabyCenter says about the size of a honeydew melon! :-)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: +22 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Yep!
Gender: It's a sweet baby BOY! His name will be Abram.

Movement: Yes! He is still wiggling and stretching out alot. :-) 
Sleep: Actually pretty good this past week, so I have been very happy!
What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach & not getting around as fast as I used too...I feel like I waddle everywhere! LOL
Cravings: Milk & Watermelon (not necessarily together though! :-))

Symptoms: Occasional indigestion, a little bit of swelling by the end of the day,  and just starting to feel uncomfortable.
Best Moment this week: Putting the finishing touches on his nursery! It's pretty much finished! Yay! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Abram's Baby Shower

Well, I'm a little late posting about this, but my sweet sisters & great friends threw a wonderful shower for baby Abram and me on June 4th. It was so sweet & decorated so cute! Get ready for picture overload! :-)
Sweet boy decorations & pictures of my husband & I were on all the tables...

Sweet cake & punch table

The great spread of so much yummy food!

Beautiful floral arrangements my friend Hannah arranged were on all the tables too. So pretty!

His adorable cake made by Mrs. Cubley. It was so yummy too! :-)

My best friend, Michelle & I, posing with a picture before she had to leave a little early.

Me with all of the sweet hostesses! :-) Love them!

Listening to Hannah & Kara read a cute, funny, & sweet quiz called "Abram according to Anna" and it was all different questions and the answers Anna gave when Kara quizzed her during Wednesday night church. It was so special to hear her answers! :-)

Opening up lots of sweet presents!! He is one loved baby boy! :-)

Loving the sweet baby quilt my friend Kara's mom, Mrs. Karen, made for Abram. It is so sweet!

I had such a great time & was so thankful for all of the sweet details & work that everyone put into his shower. It was such a great morning & I can't wait for Abram to get here now! :-)

Now off to finish all the thank you notes..... ;-)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

33 weeks!

Well, week 32 flew by & I never got a picture and never sat down to blog, so we will just skip that week, because I'm 33 weeks today!! :-) I am also keeping it real with yoga pants & t-shirt b/c that's about all the feels comfortable now..LOL

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 33 weeks

Size of baby:  We had an ultrasound last Wednesday (June 1st) & he was measuring in at 4lbs 13 oz and was in the 69th percentile, so he is chubbing up pretty good! :-) So I'm guessing this week he is a little over 5 lbs. BabyCenter says about the size of a pineapple! :-)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: +20 lbs
Maternity Clothes: Oh, yes!  

Gender: It's a sweet baby BOY! His name will be Abram.

(Sweet girl giving my belly kisses! :-))

Movement: Yes! He is stretching out & most active in the evening & night! :-) 
Sleep: Not really...from all the bathroom breaks to getting hot and then waking up everytime I roll over, I'm not getting much sleep at night...(I guess my body is preparing me for when he is here! :-))
What I miss: A good, LONG night's sleep (I guess I need to get used to it), getting to sleep on my stomach, and being able to bend over...HA!
Cravings: Milk & Baked Potatoes (not necessarily together though! :-))
Symptoms: What symptoms do I not have?? LOL I have started to feel very uncomfortable this week. He is fattening up, so I'm dealing with indigestion alot and feel like I can hardly move, breathe, etc....LOL. My feet swell when I am on them for any amount of time and I feel like I have run a marathon by the end of the day! How many more weeks?? LOL
Best Moment this week: Well, last week the best moment was being able to see my precious boy on the ultrasound & to see his chubby cheeks and full lips & so blessed to get such a healthy report. The best moment this past week was being blessed with such a sweet shower for me & baby Abram thrown by my sisters and lots of sweet friends! :-)

(She's so excited she's going to be a big sister! :-))

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