Friday, May 20, 2011

Last Day of Mother's Day Out!

Today Fritter had her last day at Mother's Day Out! We actually had a crazy morning and got there almost 30 mins late, but she had a great day & when she got in the car this afternoon she said, "It's going to be just a sad day, Mrs. Robin said..." LOL Mrs. Robin (or Mrs. Robin Hood, as Fritter called her) was such a sweet teacher & we will miss her!

Since this morning was so crazy, I wasn't  able to snap a picture of her, so we did it when we got home & I love to compare her first day & her last day and see how much she has grown!

Her first day (9/7/2010) & then her last day (5/20/11) of MDO! :-)

So now we just have a busy summer break of swimming lessons and baby brother's arrival & then off to K-3 preschool on Aug. 15. My sweet girl is growing so fast, but I'm loving every minute of her budding personality! :-)

Happy Friday!


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