Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Disney World....

DISCLAIMER: This may be completely boring to everyone else reading, but it has become something so constant & cute in her life that I wanted to document it! :-)

So a few weeks ago, my husband & Fritter where watching Toy Story & she was admiring the pretty Cinderella castle that always comes on in the beginning. Well my husband goes into detail about how Cinderella's castle is at Disney World and who all "lives" there, etc. & since that day I have heard the phrase, "I wanna go to Disney World!" at least 1000 times...NO JOKE!

For example, she wakes up from her deep sleep the other morning and the first words out of her mouth are..."I wanna go to Disney World"...lol...

If I say, Let's get ready to go the store (or any other place), she says.."but I wanna go to Disney World!..."
It was very cute at the beginning, but now it's about to drive me bananas! LOL 

I just always give her a sweet grin & tell her, "I know baby, I want to go too, but it's really far away & we need to save our money."

I told my husband that he started it so, he's going to have to someday fulfill it! :-)

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