Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Caribbean Cruise-- Cozumel, Mexico

Our last & final dock was in Cozumel, Mexico. Our plan for this stop was just to relax, not feel rushed, & to shop and eat there. So that's exactly what we did! :-)

 Taking a break from shopping to pose by the fountain in Downtown Cozumel
Lots of people everywhere shopping & touring...

So we heard about this restaurant that had the best food called Carlos & Charlies, but we weren't quite told how crazy it actually was! Oh my! It is like one loud party in there the whole time. When we first got in there they brought us our drinks in huge cups & made balloon hats for us to wear....I got a flower, Kirk got horns..LOL..he was thrilled! hehe!

Smiling with our abnormally big

So the chaos begins by them coming around to every table singing at the top of their lungs & then as I was just sitting there minding my business eating my nachos, this little mexican boy waiter pulls my arms & drags me up to the front to dance with all the other waiters. I was pretty I didn't wear my maternity shirt that"m pretty sure that little waiter would have been mortified to know that he pulled a pregnant woman up at the front to dance with him...ha!

Kirk must have thought it was funny b/c he took a picture! Yuk! lol

Smiling before the show

The Texas Tenors show! They were great!

Smiling before our last formal dinner!

Tomorrow is our last full day on the boat & at sea before getting home! :-)

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  1. I admit that seeing these pictures makes me SO jealous!! It looks like you had a wonderful time and everything was just beautiful.


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