Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I need a new blog design.....

So it looks like the little boxes with red X's mean that all of my blog images are gone! :-( The girl that designed my blog over a year ago no longer does designing & after emailing her a trillion times, commenting on her FB page & basically stalking her, I realize that none of it will probably be recovered! :-(

Soooo....I guess it's time for a change!

Can anyone recommend a good blog designer? I have done a little browsing, but was curious to have anyone else's input. I love a good recommendation! :-) Let me know if you know of anyone or if you are one! :-)

I'm ready to get things looking right again, so hopefully I will have a fun change soon!


  1. The Design Girl!!
    She did mine and Im thrilled! She is fast and easy to work with and very reasonably priced. Go to my blog and her button is in the bottom corner to click from there!
    so sorry about you losing everything else! that is crazy!

  2. Your post title caught my eye, since designing custom blog themes is my specialty! Take a peek at my design studio for more info =)



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