Thursday, January 20, 2011

13 Weeks

Well, another week has flown by! I'm entering into my last week of the first trimester & I'm excited to enter the "honeymoon" trimester! :-) We came out to my parents tonight to visit & eat dinner, so my mom snap my weekly picture of me!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 13 Weeks (last week of the 1st trimester! Yay!)

Size of baby: Baby is about the size of a peach (2.9 in)

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  Gained 1 lb. :-)
Maternity Clothes: I'm still wearing everything regular, just wearing my Belly Band around some jeans that are starting to get a little snug! :-)
Gender: Don't know yet, but I can't wait to find out! Only 6-7 more weeks!

Movement: Not yet, but I am really looking forward to it! :-)

Sleep: I'm sleeping really good & having lots of crazy dreams! LOL I should start a blog about them! Think about the most random things all put together in a storyline & that would be my dreams! LOL

What I miss: Nothing really yet, but I'm sure I'll be missing my waistline soon! HA!

Cravings: Anything salty & crunchy! I really had a craving for McDonald's Sunday after church (horrible I know), but it was soooo good! I'm craving a Blizzard now, so I may have to fulfill that one soon! This could be bad! LOL
Symptoms: Occasional tiredness & a few headaches, but I've actually felt really good this past week!
Best Moment this week:  That McDonald's Double cheeseburger! LOL (j/k)
I would say finding out that so many people I know are expecting too! I mean I know at least a dozen or so people that are pregnant right now & it's so fun! I just found out my high school best friend is pregnant only about 7 weeks behind me with her first & I'm so excited for her! There must be something in the water! :-)



  1. I'm so glad you're starting to feel better! The first trimester is tough. I had several crazy dreams during my first trimester too. They were so vivid and random.

  2. Now I want McDonald's but I don't have an excuse. Loving the updates friend!

  3. Thanks girl! I love reading your updates! Hope you dont mind that I borrowed your idea! Sometimes I could kick myself for not documenting my pregnancy with Audrie better...and now I am not keeping up with Ki's! You look GREAT too...yay for getting out of the first trimester!


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