Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This little Busy Bumblebee says....


We had a fun day of going to church this morning & then heading to my in-law's church fall fest! Fritter loved walking around and getting candy & jumping in all the bounce houses!

She also loved getting her face painted & she picked out an airplane, because her Daddy had to get on an airplane yesterday to go out of town for business. She said, "I wanna plane like Daddy went on." LOL I thought it was very sweet! :-)

I hope everyone had a safe & fun Halloween!

Now I'm off to lock up all the Halloween candy, so both of us will stay out of it! :-)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Dallas Arboretum Pumpkin Village

On the Monday morning before we left Dallas to head back home, we stopped by the Dallas Arboretum to see the Pumpkin Village they put up in the Fall. The Arboretum was absolutely gorgeous with all of the autumn landscapes & pumpkins everywhere! We enjoyed just strolling through the gardens & looking at all.

Beautiful Autumn foliage
Checking out the funny looking pumpkin! :-)
Sweet pumpkin with Daddy!
More pretty landscapes...
Running up to the Pumpkin Village! There were four different houses based on stories that had pumpkins in them (Cinderella, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, etc. ) Very neat!
Pumpkin picture with Mommy!
The beautiful Pumpkin Alley!
She loved looking at all the different kinds of pumpkins! Some had spots and bumps, some were tiny & some where huge! She loved them all! :-)
Yay! We had a fun time at the pumpkin village!

If you are in the Dallas area in the next few weeks I would go see it! It was very fun! Happy Fall everyone! :-)

Dallas Trip Part 2

On the 2nd day of our trip, we decided to go to the Grapevine Mills mall & did a little shopping! It is such a huge & fun mall, but it didn't open until 11 on Sunday & by 1:30 Fritter was falling apart needing a nap, so we didn't get to stay very long. She did have fun riding the little toy train & the carosel with Daddy though while I shopped in a few stores! :-) She even got to go to the Disney store & pick out both of her favorite characters, Bambi & Buzz, to take home with her. They have been with her non-stop since then! :-)

While Fritter & Daddy took a nap at the hotel, I ventured out in North Dallas & found a wonderful and fun fabric store called City Craft! I absolutely adored it & was able to walk away with a fun skirt pattern & lots of cute fabric. You can visit their website here: I can't wait to go back! :-)

That night we went to the restaurant The Magic Time Machine resturant. Fritter loved it because we had Cinderella as a waitress! We sat in a little Tiki Hut for our table & Fritter got a fun bubbly green magic potion drink (juice, sprite, & food coloring..LOL)

Here's a picture of her with Cinderella!
I also had to put this picture up because she was being so sweet to her Daddy at the restaurant & giving him lots of good loving & I got a sweet picture capturing it!
Ugh...I could just squeeze them both! Love this! :-)

We headed back to the hotel to head to bed for an early morning at the Dallas Arboretum Pumpkin Village & heading home! We had a blast!

Dallas Trip Part 1

A weekend or so ago, my husband was off work for the week, so we decided to take a little long weekend trip to Dallas. We left bright and early in the morning & headed straight to the Dallas Zoo. Fritter was so excited to see the animals! The whole way there she would say, "We going to Dallas, Texas? Are we in Dallas?" LOL We got so tickled everytime she said "Dallas, Texas." :-)

Waking up bright and early at 6 am to head on the roadtrip!
Riding the pony at the Children's zoo!
Feeding the goats at the petting zoo. She LOVED the goats & I wouldn't be surprised if she asked for one for Christmas...LOL
My brave girl petting a Blue Tongued Skink (yikes!)
The penguins were so fun to watch & she just giggled and giggled at the funny flips they kept doing...

Smiling with Mommy with the penguin! :-)

We had a great time at the Zoo and she loved seeing all of the animals! We ended the first day by eating a great dinner at Pappadeaux's restaurant & it was a great relaxing & fun day!

Red River Revel

I am so behind on blogging, but we had gone through a stomach virus this past weekend & now I'm laid up on the couch with a cold, so I figured I would "rest" and seize the time to catch up on some of the events we have done in the past few weeks.

Every year our city has a wonderful festival called the Red River Revel that showcases lots of artist & musicians, has great food & lots of fun! We took Fritter & she had a blast!

 Fritter strolling in to the festival! :-)
 Watching the crazy street performer! He was amazing!
 Walking the Book Walk promoted by our local libraries...
 Getting her face painted. When we first got in line & saw the choices she wanted to Skull & Crossbones, lol...So I asked her if she wanted the flower or butterfly & she decided on the football! :-) So of course, we had to add our LSU Tigers to that footbal! :-)
 So proud of her football! :-)
 The fun band that performed at the children's stage all evening. Fritter LOVED them and ran and got up on the stage to dance & run around. She just laughed & giggled at the band. They lead singer said she needed help & called her Daddy up there to dance with her! :-) It was quite funny & they had such a great time!
Doing pirouettes on stage. LOL (She's definitely not shy! )

It was a great family night out & we can't wait until next year's Revel!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Scrappy Quilt giveaway!

I wanted to blog quickly before I go get Anna from MDO about a great giveaway going on by the sweet ladies of Marie Madeline studios! They are giving away one of their gorgeous Happy Scrappy quilts. I got one custom made for Fritter's "Big Girl" bed from them back in May & I LOVE it! They are so great to work with & such a sweet and delightful group of women! So hop on over to their blog, take a look around, and enter for a chance to win a quilt! I know I'm hoping we can win another one! :-)

Here is Fritter's Happy Scrappy quilt! :-)

And here's the one you could win! :-)

Have a great day!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Veggie Tales Live!

I'm a little delayed in writing about this, but about a week & half ago we took Fritter to see Veggie Tales Live! Mr. Mike (my best friend's dad & my hubby's boss) gave us such great tickets & Fritter LOVED it! 
Here she is before the show smiling with her best bud, Drew.

Here come the Veggies!

Dancing & Singing along! :-)

Trying to get a picture with Mommy (silly girl!)

Giggles with her Daddy!

She made her way to the front to dance & was loving it!
She caught me taking pictures of her..LOL

Meeting Bob & Larry & giving them hugs!

Big smiles with Bob & Larry!

She loved watching the show & singing along to all the silly songs! We defintely had a great time & are thankful for the tickets! Thanks, Mr. Mike! :-)

Now...I'm off to find my hairbrush...hehe..

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