Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Little Vaca...

So I've been on a blogging slump lately, just because I have been so busy! It seems like this summer is just flying by!

I am leaving in the morning to head to Tulsa, OK for the Usborne Books National Convention & I'm really excited to go & learn about this great company & all of these fun books! It will be a fun time to get to know all the other girls I'm going with and enjoy a little vacation time!

I have never been away this long (I'll be back Sunday), so I've been busy making sure laundry is done, pickup/grandparent time with Fritter is scheduled, packing, etc. etc. all day & evening.

Sooo...Can't wait to come back & introduce you all to some great books I have heard about it!

Have a great week & weekend!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So...I went to a coupon class on Monday night & it has consumed my week! LOL That is why I haven't been here! Any time I have sat down at the computer it has been to look for coupons or coupon deals, etc. It has been really fun learning all the fun ways to save money for my family! I knew basic coupons details like cutting them out & the grocery store would double or triple, but I never realized all the great ways to save money!

(This is not me, just a cheesy picture, that shows how happy you feel after you use your coupons! LOL)

So after the class, I came home & made an organized binder, made my list & my friend Hannah & I ventured out to CVS & Kroger to try our new skills!

It was so fun! We laughed & laughed trying to make sure we did stuff right & that they didn't think we were nuts doing so many different transactions! They were super nice though at CVS! :-)
Here is what I got at CVS:

2 boxes of Cereal
2 jugs of juice
2 bottles of Brillant Brunette shampoo & cond.
Contact solution
Women's Razor
Men's Razor
Spent: $ 24.79
SAVED: $26.26

I love Extra Care Bucks! :-)

Then we went over to Kroger:

Spent: $85.61
Saved: $89.71

I had so much fun & can't wait to go back again! I have always tried to save money getting groceries and using coupons, but have never realized how much you could really save if you watch the sales & use coupons with them! It was amazing!

So, now I'm looking for good couponing blogs & any advice for couponing?

Any extreme couponers out there have any advice for this newbie?

I'd love to hear! :-)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Holiday Weekend

This holiday weekend we decided to travel up to Bella Vista, AR to visit my husband's parents & to see their new house they have up there. I was slightly nervous about making the 7 hour trip with Fritter, but all in all she did great in the car! (Thank you DVD headrests!! :))

On Saturday we were able to see all of her 5 cousins & she had a blast with them! They also had a little too much fun with my hubby too! :-)
Attack of the nieces! He was such a good sport! LOL

On the road where my in-laws live there are tons of blackberry bushes & we had a fun time picking buckets of them! Here are some of the gang picking...

Sweet cousins posing for a picture!
Of course, we have to have a silly picture too! :-)
We ended Saturday evening by eating a Smokey Joe's BBQ & it was GREAT! They had the best ribs! Fritter had a big day, so we headed to bed early! :-)

On Sunday, we got up & got dressed! She wasn't really up for posing for me so this is the best I got! LOL
We went to lunch at the Pinacle Hills Promenade shopping center & ate at PF Changs! I had never been and it was soo good! The shopping center was so nice & I can't wait to go back!
She loved the BIG horse in front of PF Changs & had to pet it! LOL
We headed to the Build a Bear store for Fritter's first time & oh my! She was loving it! She loved running around looking at all the clothes & she spotted a Buzz Lightyear bear in the corner of the store & it was over! She kept saying, "Buzz Bear! Buzz Bear!" LOL So here we are getting her bear ready & putting in his cotton & heart (or hearts since she wanted to put 2 inside! :-))
Yay! She loves her Buzz Bear! :-) She saw the Cinderella one on the way out & wanted that one too, so I'm sure we will be going back soon! (Maybe some potty training bribery! LOL)

We ended up going back for a nap & my in-laws watched her for us, so we could go on a little date! It was so nice! We went and saw a movie & had a nice little break! My mother in law said she loved the fireworks the neighbors did, so I'm excited she got to see some! :-)

We headed home this morning & made the long trip home & she did great again! Here she is only about 5 mins after we left! I was so thankful for that sweet nap! :-)

All in all it was a fun, busy, family filled weekend! Now I'm off to bed for a busy day of laundry & catch up tomorrow!

Hope everyone had a great holiday too! :-)


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