Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spa Day!

My sweet hubby got me a very nice gift certificate to a great spa place for my birthday & I was able to go get pampered today! Fritter spent the whole day with her Nonna & she had a blast!

I started the day of pampering by getting a 60 min. facial. Oh my! I could get one of those every week! It was so relaxing and the girl that did it was so good & I was a the verge of a nap the whole time! I enjoyed it so much!
I then got my eyebrows done (not very relaxing, but much needed! :-)), my hair cut, & then a spa pedicure & manicure. I laughed when I sat down to get my pedicure because it is right when you sit down it seems like they immediately start talking to each other in their language and laughing. I swear they were talking about how ugly my toes were or if my feet stink....Sometimes I wish I knew what they were saying. As I was sitting there, I remembered this video I had seen a few years back and after I got home & watched it again, I couldn't quit laughing! If you ever gone into a nail salon, I'm sure you can relate! So enjoy the laugh!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Craft Time Fun

Yesterday during Fritter's nap, I decided to work on turning those hideous magazine covers I found at a yard sale last weekend into beauties! :-)

Lindsey at The Cottage Home posted a tutorial on covering magazine holders just the Thursday before I found these, so I just knew I had to do this craft project.

I turned these ugly things...
into these pretty things...

Much better! :-)

Now I can't wait to get them in my new sewing room when we move! There are already built in shelves there waiting for them to be in! :) Only 5 more weeks!

Show and Tell Green

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend has been so busy & full of so many fun activities. My sister came in town from Houston on Friday afternoon & we took the kids down to the Boardwalk & did some shopping! :) We found some good sales & spoiled them! :-)
Saturday we had a busy day with an egg hunt, birthday party & fish fry!

The Egg Hunt was a lot of fun & Anna was definitely into it this year! She would find an egg & immediately want to open it to see what was inside! That girl LOVES her some candy! :-)

Finding her first set eggs

Finding one hidden in the bushes!

Smiling with momma!

Cheesing it up with daddy!

So happy with all her eggs! (& candy!) LOL

We ended the evening by heading to my parents for a fish fry! It was all so yummy & Fritter had a blast playing her older 6 year old twin cousins! She just adores them! They were in the back bedroom watching a movie & when I came to check on them this is how they were! So sweet! :)

Well, we have a busy week ahead of us! We have 5 1/2 more weeks until we move & I have alot of sewing, cleaning, packing, de-cluttering, etc. to do! :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Frugal Friday!

So this morning Fritter & I headed back out to a few garage sales! She was such a good & patience girl & I was able to find some more fun stuff! I went to a big church rummage sale & those are always sure to have good stuff!

I found some of these old cardboard magazine holders & I just read this great tutorial from The Cottage Home on how to cutesy these babies up, so I was so excited to find some & for 10 cents a piece! :)

I found this vintage tea tin that will be great to fill up with all my buttons & it will look cute on the shelf! Oh, and for 10 cents! :)

I also got this big bin of vintage ribbon (22 spools) for $2.00! There are lots of neat prints in there & some fun ones for Christmas too!

I also found these ADORABLE pillowcases to make into dresses! My heart fluttered when I found the polka dot one! Oh my! I'm in love with it! LOL

Here's all my loot! I also got a handful of old ric-ric, a small Christmas plate, a fabric with ric-rac on it, a Christmas container, a tie, & 2 workbooks for Anna.

All for a grand total of...

How's that for a Frugal Friday?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's a Ghost!!....

No...It's just my CrAzY toddler!

Oh my! So we have had a busy morning of running errands and playing at the park with our friends, so Fritter falls asleep for about the last 15 mins. of our way home. I slowly try to take her from the car & to her bed, but she wakes up. I tell her to lay down and close her eyes to finish her nap.


About 30 mins. later while I'm in the office I hear a knocking on her door and when I opened it up, the smell of rosemary, chamomile, and lavender over take me & then I think I see a GHOST!!

Look for yourselves....
AHHH!! I didn't know whether to laugh or get mad, so I just grabbed the camera!

She thought it was quite humorous! I know that cream was in her side drawer and her baby was on her rocker, so I'm guessing she was being a "good momma" and changing her baby's diaper and decided to just rub it all over her face too! Toddlers are so clever! :-)
Her baby's foot will be sure not to have a rash! LOL

 I rushed her to the bathroom and started trying to get it off her face! It took forever! At least now her face is "as smooth as a baby's bottom!" :-)

Friday, March 19, 2010

What a Fun Friday!

Well it's only naptime & I've already had such a fun Friday morning! :-)

This morning we got up (kinda late actually ;-)) and decided to head up the road to some garage sales! What a great day for them! I found a TON of stuff & came home only spending about $12!! LOL

I got a Orient Expressed Smocked Dress for next spring, a TON of vintage fabric & napkins, 3 pillowcases, a tin of stationary, a roll of wallpaper (to line my new cabinets...wherever that may be?!?, a backet of vintage wooden spools, a bag of quilt scraps, about 15 gift bags, a smocked red corduroy House of Hatten jumper with nutcrakers on it for my nephew for $1, 2 activitiy books, scrapbook stickers, a HUGE 16x20 frame to spray paint for a project and a tie for a future project! 

Yay! Now to get to crafting! :-)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 26th birthday & it was a fun and pretty mellow day. We just woke up and did stuff around the house, then I went to go sign the papers on the offer we made on a house (still waiting to hear!...) & then we went to my parents house this evening! My mom made the best chicken pot pie & yummy cake! It was a great evening.

I was looking through old pics and I came across all of my past birthday's with my Fritter. She makes the day even more special! I love it how she tells me "Happy Day, Mommy!" :)
Here is Fritter with me on my b-day in 2008 (Oh my...BIG girl! I was 34 weeks! LOL)

Here I am on my b-day last year (2009) (She was 11 months)

And here we are now! She is growing more and more everyday! She has been the best gift from God & I'm so thankful for her! :)

P.S. My little Fritter LOVES cake! Oh my!


Thanks for the all the birthday wishes! It has been a great day!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Fingers crossed!

Soo....It was a busy weekend! Just a little update....

We went "house hunting" this weekend! It was fun & we have decided to put in an offer on a house tomorrow morning! Whoo hoo! I love it! We will be close to friends, our church, my in-laws, and it is a nice quiet street! Tomorrow is my birthday, so I'm waking up and going to sign the papers! I know it's not set in stone yet, and anything could happen, but still I'm excited! :)

I'll be 26 tomorrow & I'm so blessed that I will get to spend it with my sweet daughter and husband! We are heading to my parents for dinner & visiting. It should be a great day!

So for now, I'll keep everyone posted on the house! I'm thinking postive! :-)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Are You Ready for Toddlerhood?

I recently saw this quiz in the back of the American Baby magazine I get in the mail & got tickled. This is so my life now & I'm sure so many of you other momma's out there can relate! :)

Are You Ready For Toddlerhood?
Practice Test
1) Comprehension
--Taryn the Toddler wants a Dora the Explorer cookie at the store, but her mother doesn't want her to have one. Taryn throws a tantrum in the checkout line while her mother pretends to be extremely interested in the store's credit card application. In this passage, we have learned that:

A) Taryn's mother really, really needs a vacation.
B) Taryn really, really wants a Dora cookie.
C) Taryn could be heard from as far away as the Housewares aisle.
D) All of the above

2. Sentence Completion
Select the phrase that best completes the sentence.

Stickers are a great....
A) Way to get through the supermarket, even if you're stuck trying to scrape 13 Backyardigans from the shopping-cart handle.
B) Potty-training reward.
C) Challenge to remove from a shirt after it has been through the dryer.
D) Furniture decorator, apparently.

3. Advanced Mathematics
Read the word problem and select the correct answer.
--Today, Lisa fed her triplets 3 chicken nuggets, 5 chicken nuggets, and 6 1/2 chicken nuggets, respectively. How many chicken nuggets did Lisa find under the kitchen table?
A) Feels like a million.
B) Gotta go. The kids are climbing from their high chairs.
C) 14 1/2
D) I don't know, but the dog is licking his chops.

4. Social Studies
Review these three examples of toddler culture.
Which one best captures your child's worldview?
A) No foods on my plate may ever touch one another. Casseroles, eek!
B) Your child has many cute outfits but will only wear her princess costume.
C) The educational toys are gathering dust, but the vacuum cleaner attachments are his new favorite playthings.

Hehe! All of these made me laugh because these are so our life right now with little Fritter! Everyday brings a new and exciting adventure! :-)

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Soooo Busy.....

Oh my! We have been soo busy around here & are probably about to get even busier since our house went under contract this weekend! YES! We were so excited how the Lord was so faithful to answer our prayers, b/c I prayed the Sunday night before that we would just have someone come look through the house & never did I imagine to get such a great offer! He is so good to us! We will be house hunting soon! :)

On other news, I am super busy with my new venture into selling Usborne Books & More!! I had my first training & party this weekend & it went great! My friend Hannah was able to get $100 worth of free children's books for her children's home library! Usborne has so many wonderful books for children all the way through high school. I'm really excited about getting into schools and host book fairs after we get moved. I used to LOVE book fairs when I was little! :) So, If you ever would like to order anything, check out my site at .

Here's what the Pioneer Woman has to say about Usborne Books:

It was such a beautiful day today outside, so Fritter & I put on her new dress I made for my shop & we went out and had a little photo shoot! :) You can find this dress listed at .
Such fun & bright vibrant colors!

Such a sweet girl! :)

Well off to bed, we have our home inspection in the morning, so we must be up and at 'em pretty early in the  morning. Have a great night!

Happy Tuesday! :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Fancy Fridays!!

It's Friday (yay!), so that means it's time for "Fancy Fridays!"

Today I am featuring a shop that has some of the cutest & fun items! Laffty Crafty is an Etsy shop run by the sweetest girl, Amie! She is so creative and hassome great items in her shop, such as, appliqued shirts, hair items, comfy crawlers, blankets, burpies, & bibs, and even some handpainted items, too! She can do it all! :)

Here are some of my favorites from Laffty Crafty:

Baby Boy Tie Onesie! There are even 12 fabrics to choose from! So cute!

Birthday number appliqued shirts!

A huge selection of Comfy Crawlers

Adorable Paci clips!

And super sweet minky blankets!

Amie is a SAHM who has always loved making things. She started on Etsy about 6 months ago & is already doing great! I won one of Amie's Valentine appliqued shirts & we love it! It washes up great & is great quality!

Amie is so excited about this giveaway that she is offering to giveaway to one of my readers their choice of one of her new Easter shirts! They are ADORABLE!

Here's the one for the girl:
(Funky Little Chick)

and here's the choice for the boy:
(Easter Bunny shirt)
You can choose the size all the way from 0-3mo. to 5T.

Here's how to enter:
(Please leave a separate comment for each entry!)

-Leave a comment with your favorite item from Laffty Crafty Etsy Shop.

Want to be added again?
-"Follow" my blog. Add yourself over to the right sidebar! (Remind me if you are already a follower! :))

-Add my button to your blog! :)

-"Follow" Laffty Crafty's blog! Go here! Give her some love! <3

Another entry?

-Make a blog post or Facebook about this giveaway on your own blog with this post link. Come back & comment with your blog link. You should tell everyone you know! :)
Okay, another 5 entries?

Go on over to Laffty Crafty's Etsy shop, look around, and BUY your favorite item. Tell me your purchase in your comment.

That's up to 10 different ways to win!!

Giveaway ends Tuesday night (March 9th)!

Thanks & have a "Fancy Friday!" :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Busy Times

Oh my! Has this week flown by!

We have been super busy around here! I have been busy sewing, getting ready to host my first Usborne Books party on Saturday, and showing our house and hoping that it will sell! Sooo...if there are lack of posts that's why! :( I'm hoping for things to slow down here pretty soon!

Here are a few sneak peeks of some new things I have gotten made in the last few days!
I'm working hard to get them up on my new website, so if you see something you like, let me know & I'll hold it out for you! :)

Flower & Polka Dots Happy Scrappy Bib--$8

Tiny Turtles Bib & Burp Cloth set--$12

Orange gingham bib & burp cloth set--$12
(Bib backed with soft white flannel)

Little sailor set--$20
(Anchor fabric on reverse side of bib)

Blue & Brown Polka Dots & Stripes Set--$20
(Stripe fabric on reverse side of bib)

I also got a couple more of the vintage pillowcases I had made into dresses!
Size 3T-Vintage Pillowcase Dress with ruffle--$20

3T-Vintage Pillowcase Dress with Yellow ribbons--$20

So as  you can tell, I've been busy, but it's a good busy! :)

Have a great Thursday!


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