Sunday, September 19, 2010

Summer Houston Trip

In the middle of August, Fritter, my mom, & I went down to visit my sister, brother in law & sweet nephew in Houston. We have so much fun when we go visit because there are so many neat places to go there. 

This trip we went to the Houston's Children's Museum & Fritter loved it! This will be a place we go for years to come because it was so big & there were so many great things to play with. We started off going into the little town & Fritter went to the bank: 
Smiling with her debit card! lol
Pretending to be the bank teller!

Working at the news station:

 Riding in the police car:
Shopping in the grocery store! She loved it!

Being a waitress:
And playing in the fun Water Works area:

We had a great visit & also went to a fun shopping area called Old Town Springs in Spring, TX & it is like a little town of houses that are shops that you can go shop through. Very fun & I can't wait to go back!

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