Sunday, September 19, 2010

Football season is here!

Another fun thing that has been keeping me busy has been sewing LSU & Saint pillowcase dresses! We love both teams & so when I found this fabric I knew everyone else would too! I have had almost a dozen orders, so it has been exciting but busy!

We also have had fun being with family & watching the game! Here is Fritter playing out in my parents yard in her new LSU dress!
She wanted nothing to do inside where the game was playing, but was fine & content playing in the dirt the whole time! LOL
We got so busy & trying to keep all the little ones happy that we didn't get a big family picture like I had wanted, but we did attempt to get a pic of baby Nicholas & Fritter & this is the best we got! HA!
We'll have to try again another time! LOL

Can't wait to watch the upcoming season & hoping each team does great!
GEAUX Tigers & Saints! :-)

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  1. Your dresses are adorable! I bought a little of that same fabric but I haven't done anything with it yet besides the insulated tujblers.


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