Monday, July 5, 2010

Holiday Weekend

This holiday weekend we decided to travel up to Bella Vista, AR to visit my husband's parents & to see their new house they have up there. I was slightly nervous about making the 7 hour trip with Fritter, but all in all she did great in the car! (Thank you DVD headrests!! :))

On Saturday we were able to see all of her 5 cousins & she had a blast with them! They also had a little too much fun with my hubby too! :-)
Attack of the nieces! He was such a good sport! LOL

On the road where my in-laws live there are tons of blackberry bushes & we had a fun time picking buckets of them! Here are some of the gang picking...

Sweet cousins posing for a picture!
Of course, we have to have a silly picture too! :-)
We ended Saturday evening by eating a Smokey Joe's BBQ & it was GREAT! They had the best ribs! Fritter had a big day, so we headed to bed early! :-)

On Sunday, we got up & got dressed! She wasn't really up for posing for me so this is the best I got! LOL
We went to lunch at the Pinacle Hills Promenade shopping center & ate at PF Changs! I had never been and it was soo good! The shopping center was so nice & I can't wait to go back!
She loved the BIG horse in front of PF Changs & had to pet it! LOL
We headed to the Build a Bear store for Fritter's first time & oh my! She was loving it! She loved running around looking at all the clothes & she spotted a Buzz Lightyear bear in the corner of the store & it was over! She kept saying, "Buzz Bear! Buzz Bear!" LOL So here we are getting her bear ready & putting in his cotton & heart (or hearts since she wanted to put 2 inside! :-))
Yay! She loves her Buzz Bear! :-) She saw the Cinderella one on the way out & wanted that one too, so I'm sure we will be going back soon! (Maybe some potty training bribery! LOL)

We ended up going back for a nap & my in-laws watched her for us, so we could go on a little date! It was so nice! We went and saw a movie & had a nice little break! My mother in law said she loved the fireworks the neighbors did, so I'm excited she got to see some! :-)

We headed home this morning & made the long trip home & she did great again! Here she is only about 5 mins after we left! I was so thankful for that sweet nap! :-)

All in all it was a fun, busy, family filled weekend! Now I'm off to bed for a busy day of laundry & catch up tomorrow!

Hope everyone had a great holiday too! :-)

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  1. So fun! I bet Anna LOVED hanging out with all her girl cousins


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