Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So...I went to a coupon class on Monday night & it has consumed my week! LOL That is why I haven't been here! Any time I have sat down at the computer it has been to look for coupons or coupon deals, etc. It has been really fun learning all the fun ways to save money for my family! I knew basic coupons details like cutting them out & the grocery store would double or triple, but I never realized all the great ways to save money!

(This is not me, just a cheesy picture, that shows how happy you feel after you use your coupons! LOL)

So after the class, I came home & made an organized binder, made my list & my friend Hannah & I ventured out to CVS & Kroger to try our new skills!

It was so fun! We laughed & laughed trying to make sure we did stuff right & that they didn't think we were nuts doing so many different transactions! They were super nice though at CVS! :-)
Here is what I got at CVS:

2 boxes of Cereal
2 jugs of juice
2 bottles of Brillant Brunette shampoo & cond.
Contact solution
Women's Razor
Men's Razor
Spent: $ 24.79
SAVED: $26.26

I love Extra Care Bucks! :-)

Then we went over to Kroger:

Spent: $85.61
Saved: $89.71

I had so much fun & can't wait to go back again! I have always tried to save money getting groceries and using coupons, but have never realized how much you could really save if you watch the sales & use coupons with them! It was amazing!

So, now I'm looking for good couponing blogs & any advice for couponing?

Any extreme couponers out there have any advice for this newbie?

I'd love to hear! :-)

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