Friday, April 16, 2010

The Birthday Outfit

Every birthday girl needs a birthday outfit, so fresh off the sewing machine tonight, I finally finished her girly monkey outfit for her party in the morning!

I used the monkey applique I purchased from Applique Art by Kim. Great shop with tons of applique patterns! Then I used a pink with white polka dots ribbon to make a bow for the monkey. Now I am terrible with ribbon, but some how with the help of You Tube & a little bit of patience, I some how made this bow! If you asked me how, I probably couldn't tell you. I just magically happened! LOL

I made her ruffle pants using the Sandi Henderson Ruffle Capri pattern. She is going to love it when she puts it on in the morning! To top it all off, I got her a CUTE little clip from a fun store with lots of cute hair acessories on Etsy called Sprinkle Designs. It is a hand sewn felted girl monkey face for her to wear in her hair! So fun!

More pics coming soon of my little Fancy Fritter in her outfit!

Happy Friday!


  1. ADORABLE!!! Can't wait to see how cute your little one looks in it! And the little monkey hair clip, SO CUTE!!!

  2. That is adorable!! And OMG - that hair clip just makes me smile!!!


  3. so cute. you will have to take plenty of pictures. see yall soon.


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