Wednesday, April 21, 2010

2 Year Well Check-Up & 200th post!

Wow! It's my 200th post! How exciting! :-)

We had Fritter's 2 year old well check up today! Thankfully she has only gone to the doctor for well-check up appointments & our doctor was so happy about that! Me too! She did have to get her last immunization today until she is 4 & she was such a trooper! Didn't even cry! I'm so thankful for a healthy, fun, and happy girl!

She weighed 24lbs (20%) and was 33.5 in. long (40%). My little petite girl! I tell the doctor she is going to be one of those girls that eats the whole table and is till a size 2 when you grows up! LOL

She is talking more and more everyday & communicating so well with me! Here are some of the funny things she is saying now:

  • When I saw let's take a bath she says..."Purple in it!" (We have the Crayola color bath tabs & she's obsessed! LOL)

  • She loves to eat & says "Eat Now" about a bizillion times a day! We are working saying Please with it & then it becomes "Eat Now Please!" LOL

  • My father in law is currently working in Arkansas and she misses her Papaw, and the other day I said the word Arkansas talking about something else & she said, "Papaw in Arkansas?" My husband & I just looked at each other like? Oh my! She remembers where he is! We thought she was a genuis! LOL

  • She is very into me sitting and playing with her, so if any toy comes out she says, "Sit Down, Mommy!" & so I sit & play! How could I not follow those sweet orders! hehe!

  • When she plays with her kitchen pots and spoons she cooks away saying, "Chicken Nuggets, Chicken nuggets..." LOL It made me laugh b/c she does eat more than just chicken nuggets! LOL
Speaking of food:

  • This is the night before her birthday at one of our favorite restaurants, Newks, putting back a whole sandwich by herself! We were amazed! LOL

  • She loves lettuce & will eat it right out of my salad & she loves brocoli & always ask for more!

  • She loves to eat pears, apples, and oranges & loves to "hold them" by her self & eat it! :-)

  • You don't care for peanut butter & jelly, but would take lunch meat & cheese over it any day! (So not my child! LOL)

Well, we have our closing in 2 weeks from today, so I've been busy working on some last minute craft projects before we get to packing, so I hope to share those in the next few days! Stay tuned! :-)

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  1. She is petite! How cute! Bennett weighs more than her and he is 16 months. Maybe I need to put him on a diet.


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