Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spa Day!

My sweet hubby got me a very nice gift certificate to a great spa place for my birthday & I was able to go get pampered today! Fritter spent the whole day with her Nonna & she had a blast!

I started the day of pampering by getting a 60 min. facial. Oh my! I could get one of those every week! It was so relaxing and the girl that did it was so good & I was a the verge of a nap the whole time! I enjoyed it so much!
I then got my eyebrows done (not very relaxing, but much needed! :-)), my hair cut, & then a spa pedicure & manicure. I laughed when I sat down to get my pedicure because it is right when you sit down it seems like they immediately start talking to each other in their language and laughing. I swear they were talking about how ugly my toes were or if my feet stink....Sometimes I wish I knew what they were saying. As I was sitting there, I remembered this video I had seen a few years back and after I got home & watched it again, I couldn't quit laughing! If you ever gone into a nail salon, I'm sure you can relate! So enjoy the laugh!

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