Friday, March 26, 2010

Frugal Friday!

So this morning Fritter & I headed back out to a few garage sales! She was such a good & patience girl & I was able to find some more fun stuff! I went to a big church rummage sale & those are always sure to have good stuff!

I found some of these old cardboard magazine holders & I just read this great tutorial from The Cottage Home on how to cutesy these babies up, so I was so excited to find some & for 10 cents a piece! :)

I found this vintage tea tin that will be great to fill up with all my buttons & it will look cute on the shelf! Oh, and for 10 cents! :)

I also got this big bin of vintage ribbon (22 spools) for $2.00! There are lots of neat prints in there & some fun ones for Christmas too!

I also found these ADORABLE pillowcases to make into dresses! My heart fluttered when I found the polka dot one! Oh my! I'm in love with it! LOL

Here's all my loot! I also got a handful of old ric-ric, a small Christmas plate, a fabric with ric-rac on it, a Christmas container, a tie, & 2 workbooks for Anna.

All for a grand total of...

How's that for a Frugal Friday?


  1. Those are some great deals! Way to go!

  2. Frugal Friday indeed. You are so creative!


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