Thursday, March 11, 2010

Are You Ready for Toddlerhood?

I recently saw this quiz in the back of the American Baby magazine I get in the mail & got tickled. This is so my life now & I'm sure so many of you other momma's out there can relate! :)

Are You Ready For Toddlerhood?
Practice Test
1) Comprehension
--Taryn the Toddler wants a Dora the Explorer cookie at the store, but her mother doesn't want her to have one. Taryn throws a tantrum in the checkout line while her mother pretends to be extremely interested in the store's credit card application. In this passage, we have learned that:

A) Taryn's mother really, really needs a vacation.
B) Taryn really, really wants a Dora cookie.
C) Taryn could be heard from as far away as the Housewares aisle.
D) All of the above

2. Sentence Completion
Select the phrase that best completes the sentence.

Stickers are a great....
A) Way to get through the supermarket, even if you're stuck trying to scrape 13 Backyardigans from the shopping-cart handle.
B) Potty-training reward.
C) Challenge to remove from a shirt after it has been through the dryer.
D) Furniture decorator, apparently.

3. Advanced Mathematics
Read the word problem and select the correct answer.
--Today, Lisa fed her triplets 3 chicken nuggets, 5 chicken nuggets, and 6 1/2 chicken nuggets, respectively. How many chicken nuggets did Lisa find under the kitchen table?
A) Feels like a million.
B) Gotta go. The kids are climbing from their high chairs.
C) 14 1/2
D) I don't know, but the dog is licking his chops.

4. Social Studies
Review these three examples of toddler culture.
Which one best captures your child's worldview?
A) No foods on my plate may ever touch one another. Casseroles, eek!
B) Your child has many cute outfits but will only wear her princess costume.
C) The educational toys are gathering dust, but the vacuum cleaner attachments are his new favorite playthings.

Hehe! All of these made me laugh because these are so our life right now with little Fritter! Everyday brings a new and exciting adventure! :-)

Happy Thursday!

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