Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rest In Peace HP

So many things have been going on since I last blogged so I'm going to do a little weekend wrap-up.

So yesterday my HP laptop officially died. I knew her day was coming since she would get super hot within minutes of being on, sound like she was about to lift off, & then would just suddenly turn off when she willed. She was missing 3 keys, the CD-Rom was broken, & she made funny noises....She was a good laptop, but she definitely got her use & finally croaked!  :( I still have lots of files on there that I hope to recover and think I can probably find someone to do that for me...So my question to you all out there is....What is a new computer to get? What do you use and what do you love? Mac or PC? What brand? etc? I would love your feedback! :)

Also, this weekend the SAINTS won the super bowl! I know this is old news to everyone, but I just wanted to say how fun it was to see them win! ESPN has been on non-stop at our house since then so it is still new news to me! LOL We had a group get together after church service and watch the last half & it was fun! My hubby was in New Orleans the end of last week & said it was already crazy down there! He caught me some fun Saints beads & Fritter a colorful cow at a parade that passed his hotel on Canal St.!

Some other fun news, is that we are getting ready to list our house to sell & look for a new house! :) So I am going to be very busy these next few weeks getting things cleaned out/packed, etc. for a move soon. I figure the more I get done each week that it won't all be on me when the decision comes. It will be exciting house hunting with my hubby since I moved into the house he lived in before we got married, so it will be a first for us even though we have been married for 3 years. It should be a fun, stressful, and exciting time! :)

Well off to organize, clean, sew, and make sure Fritter doesn't undo all that I just did! LOL

Have a great Tuesday! :)


  1. Sorry about the computer, bummer! Mine sounds the same way so I'm thinking the same thing might happen soon. :(
    Good luck on all the house stuff, very exciting!!

  2. Yep I think mine died this week also. RIP If the snow will melt I'll get it to the doc and see if I can recover files. I don't know what to get but am thinking of something similar to the toshiba just so I don't have so much to learn.

  3. I got my first Mac for Christmas, now it has been an adjustment but TOTALLY worth it, they never crash!!!!! I got a MacBook Pro


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