Monday, February 1, 2010

Hidden Thief

So last week we were cooped up in this house being sick & being cooped up in a house for too long can make you do some crazy things...That even goes for Fritter too!! 

Around Friday or so, I went to my purse to look for my debit card before I ran to the store to go get some more medicine & I realized it wasn't there! The last time I had used it was a few days earlier when I think I was going to order something off the internet! (shhh!..LOL) I looked all over the place, in the couch cushions, under the couch, in all the rooms, & still couldn't find it....I ended up just taking my hubby's card & went to the store, came home & forgot about it! 

Well...yesterday morning when I went to the bathroom, I was looking at the UGLY space heater that is in there! (No offense to wall heaters, but they are super ugly & serve no purpose now!) LOL Well as, I was looking at it I noticed my Hancock's card in the space heater! As, I looked even closer there were lots of cards in the space heater! 
(Can you see it?..LOL Also, please excuse the filthiness....I try not to look at it, much less clean it! LOL)
(Digging it out!)

I went and grabbed a flashlight & my trusty tweezers & lo and behold, I pulled out 4 cards from my wallet including my debit card!! LOL...I couldn't quit laughing! Fritter ran in there when I was digging in the heater & looked at me and smiled! What a mess! 

(All the cards I pulled out! I'm scared to know if there is anything else in there! LOL)

So, moral of story....If you have a busy 21 month and you lose your debit card...Check the heater! 
You never know.....


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