Monday, February 22, 2010

Flowers & For Sale

Today was a busy day! This morning we headed to MOPS & it was so fun!

We had a local florist come and tell us all about flowers & gave pointers on how make a beautiful arrangement! I have to admit that any flower I touch typically dies, and I don't have what you say is a green thumb, but it was great to hear all the pointers & hopefully I can become better at it! :)

One tip she gave was when you are arranging flowers (say that you got from Walmart or so) to put all the greenery in first b/c it weighs & fills out your vase & causes you to put your flowers in and will make them not slant & slump. Sounds elementary, but I had never even thought about that! I always take them out of the plastic and cram them in the vase! (Once again, I'm not the best with flowers! LOL)

We also made some cute little flower clips! I made a cute light pink flower with a bedazzled jewel in the middle for Anna to wear, but I think she already hid it b/c I couldn't find it when I came to take a picture to show ya'll! HA!

My aunt came over & today and our house offically has a For Sale sign in the yard! She took lots of pictures & will hopefully having it on the market by the morning! So now the nail-biting begins!...I'm excited!

Well enough of my Monday ramblings...Hope everyone had a great Monday!


  1. Hey! Just checking in with you!! I LOVE the new look on your blog! (I'm not sure how new it is, i just haven't been on the computer that much!)
    I hope you are doing well! Good luck with your house selling!!


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