Thursday, January 7, 2010


If many of us were honest, we would say that we have made some regrets while going through this motherhood journey....but last night I think I found my biggest regret so far.....


 he's cute,
he's a classic,
he makes kids laugh,
but if I have to pick up one more set of eyes or silly looking mustaches,
I may lose my MIND!

But it sure is cute when Fritter walks in strolling her baby with those teeny tiny glasses on!! :)

Surely I'm not the only one with "toy" regrets, am I?


  1. haha! NO, you are not. My regret is not putting locks on the kitchen drawers earlier. Bennett loves to get in the bottom drawers and pull EVERYTHING out. It is starting to get sort of old picking 50 things up an hour!

  2. My regret is dolls shoes, those little painful things that always seem to be left on the floor when i haven't got my slippers on.

  3. No regrets, no kids! That's why I give really loud toys to my nephews:). Perhaps one day I'll be paid back.


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