Thursday, January 14, 2010

Heart of Hope

Today was a very eventful day! I took "Fritter" to a playdate this morning with her friends Emmalyne & Cullen! She had a blast playing with all their fun toys! We had some fun mommy time too! :)

This evening I joined a few friends at a new maternity home that is being built in my city called Heart of Hope. This is such a beautiful ministry that will house young girls that get pregnant and have no where to go or have help during their pregnancy. They will be able to live in the home during their pregnancy & learn different aspects of parenting to prepare for their new baby! It will provide a place where they can receive physical, emotional, and spiritual support during an uncertain time for them! It is truly a blessing to be apart of this ministry.

Tonight a small group of us met to start assembling the cabinets that will be placed in each of the girl's bathrooms. We had fun building & fellowshipping!

Our sweet couple friends Jerod & Stephanie working hard on assembling a cabinet.

Our fearless leader, Thomas, unpacking a cabinet set! (Please excuse the Alabama gear...we still love him, even with his poor color choice! ;P)

My cute hubby getting to work!

Me getting excited about using the screwgun & building a whole cabinet by myself! Yes, I am super woman!! LOL
Watch out or I'll get ya!! :)

My great cabinet I built with my own two hands!

We have so many more to build & I'm excited to head back on Saturday! Using power tools seems to "empower" me, so I can't wait to get back & blessing this sweet ministry with our help! :)

Congrats to Kelly! She won the petite zebra print purse giveaway! She is going to be looking so chic! :)


  1. What a great post....that is wonderful!!!!!

  2. Nice job and ministry!!!Way to go Stacy!

  3. How great is that!? What a wonderful thing to be part of.


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