Monday, January 25, 2010

Football Flop!

So this weekend was super fun & super busy! Last night after church we planned on going over to our friends house to watch the 2nd half of the Saints game! Here in Louisiana it has been crazy with all the people buzzing about the Saints! It was so fun to see a victory last night & we were all excited they will be going to the Super Bowl first time ever!

Well all that being said, I went to the grocery store after church to get some chips & dip to bring & I thought I would make cake balls to take for dessert! Now, I've never made cake balls, but I have seen the recipe all over blogland, so I figured I could "wing" it with the ingredients. Well I text my friend Michelle & she said, "Just get a box of cake mix, cream cheese, and chocolate bark." Sounds easy enough!

I get home realize that we don't have any eggs that I need to bake the cake....I take back off to the store to get eggs, get home bake the cake, crumble it all up...Put the cream cheese in...And here's where things go bad....

They are so dry and crumbly & will not form into footballs...I figure I can make this work so I keep pressing & forming the balls. I heat up my chocolate which at this point I realize is not even enough! I'm determined to make it work so I start dipping my "footballs" into the chocolate for them only to start crumbling all in the chocolate! At this point, my hubby walks in and says "Oh my! What are you doing?" I had a complete meltdown in the middle of my kitchen!! Needless to say, they looked like you know what! LOL

So after wasting about 2 1/2 hours & $8 this what I got:

Completely and utter FAILURE!! LOL

Yuck! LOL

Oh my!!

I was not happy!

SOOO....All that to say! Last night I was telling Michelle about what happened & we realized you are supposed to use Cream Cheese FROSTING!...

So if you ever make cake balls, be sure to read the recipe carefully or you could have a big blob of yuckiness & a funny story to tell! LOL

Have a great Monday!


  1. I am seriously laughing out loud!!

  2. Oh my! The idea is really cute.

    Love your blog design.



  3. Hate to laugh at your expense, but those are funny! Nasty looking but glad you can laugh about it now! Those cake balls are tricky!


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