Friday, March 27, 2009

Late night ramblings

I have gotten my body clock sooo off!! I am so nocturnal, but when the 7 o'clock cries come, I get onto myself for not crawling into bed at a decent of why I am up late tonight is because I am in the process of making a MySpace page for my little boutique children's clothing "shop" I have started called none other than "The Fancy Fritter". :)...So to all you MySpace people out there! Add my shop to your friends! Thanks so much! :)

We had an eventful, yet productive day here at my home today! My hubby works for a commerical construction company and most of his jobs are outside, so because of the thunderstorms the night before his jobsite was too wet to work. So I whipped my Honey Do List out and got to to bossing...HA! Just kidding! No, My hubby is such a go-getter, I was quietly folding laundry in the living room and I heard banging under our house. "Oh no! What did he get into now?" was my first reaction, but come to find out he was working on the plumbing underneath our kitchen sick that definitely need to be taken care of! So a trip to Home Depot for some new pipes and with my encouragement...A brand new faucet!!! I was so excited! It is the little things like this that get a stay at home wife and mother happy! My hubby got it all installed and I love it!

Here is the before:

And here's the after!!

It is funny that I was excited to do dishes tonight after dinner! If you notice, I have a working sprayer now and yes, every dish got sprayed...hehe!

Well, this owl is turning in.....Have a great Friday!

Monday, March 23, 2009


I have been wanting to make an apron for awhile now and here is one giveway I hope I win! I love Marie Madeline Studios and I use them frequently when I need to make fabric orders. Heart(h) Management is hosting a giveaway for them and I would love to win it! Aprons are such a necessity in the kitchen when you are cooking or cleaning so you don't get a mess all over your self especially before hosting a crowd. (Trust me..I've learned my lesson!) Why not have such a chic apron that you don't want to take it off, even after your guests arrive! LOL

Are those not the cutest??? You should go enter! These would be great gifts for friends too!

Good night!


Monday, March 16, 2009

25 and counting...

Today was my 25th birthday and it was such a great day! I was very spoiled, loved on, and lavished with wonderful gifts! I am so thankful for all the sweet people in my life. My hubby has been so sweet and did everything to make this birthday so special. Yesterday he invited all of our family over for a cookout and we had a blast! It was so sweet that everyone came over for my birthday. Anna had a good time too...she loved geting lots of grandparent and auntie lovin'! :)
I got 2 really fun gifts for my b-day too! Kirk got me a James Avery charm bracelet and a Happy Birthday cake charm. I have a few other charms too, so I can't wait to go get those put on. It will be fun to collect charms for all the exciting times in my life. It will become so dear to me and I will cherish it always. They have so many charms too, I already have a list of my favorites! ;)

My parents gave me money to go pick out a serger b/c I have been wanting one now that I am making clothes. It makes them so much more presentable and finishes them up so nicely. I am so excited about it and went to get it today, took it out of the box, and just stared at it! LOL...I have no idea how to use it, so tomorrow I may pop in a bag of popcorn and watch the nifty instructional DVD that came with it and hopefully I will catch on pretty quick. I can't wait to make my first little dress using it! It will make things to much easier and probably cut time in half! :)
Hubby and I went to eat at a great seafood restaurant, Ralph and Kacoo's and it was wonderful! My tummy is stuffed, so I'm heading to bed. It was a great day and 25 is going to be great! I just know it! :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

And We're Back.....

We're back and better than ever! (Well, a little sniffly, but good!) We have had a lot happen since I last blogged. V-day was great, my hubby and I battled a yucky stomach virus, traveled to visit my sister and bro-in-law in Houston, went to church conferences and took some fun park trips. We are definitely enjoying this warm Spring weather here in LA and hoping it is here to stay. Anna loves to go the park and loves to swing...
I have also been trying to get my house decorated for the Spring. I love Spring. My birthday is next Monday (so that's a fun thing about Spring :)) and I have Spring baby!! Something about the spring just makes me smile and feel happy! I decided to make a couple of wreaths for our 2 doors and was a little leary at first. I love to sew and do all things crafty, but something about ribbon and flowers intimidates me...LOL...But I figured just get the glue gun and start sticking...I loved the diaper cake my sister made for my shower last year so I saved all the pretty flowers off the cake and turned this...(hehe..that's my sweet mom cheesing it up!)

Into these:

I think they turned out ok for my first attempt. I would have loved to have big bows on them, but then again, me and ribbon just don't mix...

Have a great Monday!


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