Friday, November 6, 2009

These boots were made for walking....

....And that's just what she'll do! :)

Fritter & I had a fun day just running errands and I decided to pop in Old Navy since I needed to look for a new pair of jeans. Well while we were there I fell in love with these cute little boots for her! I have just giggled over how cute they are all evening!
She loves them too and keeps saying, "Booz, Booz!" I love her little robotic walk in them too! :)

Who is the hippest girl around?? Fritter is!! LOL

I got a steal on them too...They were regularly $25, and were on sale for $15, and I got 30% off for using my Gap Card and they were only $10.50! Whoo hooo for a steal!

Now if only there was some way that I could make the boots that I want to be $10.50, I'd be set! LOL

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm heading to visit my sister & go to her last baby shower tomorrow in Houston with my mom, so I better head to bed!


P.S. I'll post the giveaway winner over the weekend sometime! :) Hope you entered!

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