Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Me: "Wanna watch Elmo, Anna?"

Anna: "O-tay!"

Ugh...My heart just melted! I love the little joys in life! :)

Today was such a rainy day!! I did have a productive day though! I made Anna a new apron dress from the Leila & Ben pattern! It turned out so cute & I loved making something new successfully!
You can layer them over a solid shirt and jeans or leggings for the Fall! I can't wait to model it on her soon and post pics!

I also made her a little owl simple skirt this weekend too! This fabric was so fun to me & perfect for the Fall! I'm enjoying getting back to my machine and creating fun little outfits for my little Fritter! :)

Well that's about all going on with us on this rainy Tuesday! I have a super FUN surprise coming up for my blog on Monday, so you'll all have to keep checking back to find out what it is!! :)



  1. These are precious. Also, Kelly's Korner visited your blog! Are y'all friends in "real life?"

  2. Cute! I wish I was that talented at the sewing machine. :)

  3. That apron dress is ADORABLE!! I really need to learn how to sew. :)

  4. i love the dress!!! I cant wait for the surprise!!!


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