Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rollercoaster of Emotions

Well I haven't been around the last week, mainly because I'm exhausted majority of the time to even think to type and also the last few days have been horrible and joyous at the same time.

On Tuesday morning, I dropped Anna off at my mother in law's and then headed to help a local photographer friend of mine shoot preschool pictures. While on my way there I was rear ended at a busy intersection. I immediately went through the emotions of getting in a wreck, being first scared, then mad, then sad, then mad again! LOL I am early pregnant and called my clinic just to let them know about the wreck and they told me to go ahead and come on in to be checked just in case. My husband met me up there and we got an ultrasound again. Well when we went in to the ultrasound the tech was having trouble finding the baby's heartbeat. Immediately I felt all the life come out of me and was just so scared. She continued to measure and check and then went to go get the on call dr. since my dr. wasn't there at the clinic that day. He ended up coming in and they kept looking and still couldn't find the heartbeat and the baby wasn't measuring much bigger than it was 11 days before when I came in for my first appt. and he broke the news to us that this would not be a complete pregnancy. Of course, my husband and I were completely devastated and confused. They said it was completely unrelated to the wreck so I felt relieved about that. I have felt no physical symptoms of miscarriage and felt very pregnant so it was all so confusing to me. We went back to talk to the dr. and asked if there was anyway I could see my dr. the next day so we set up an appt. for the next morning.

That evening was very hard, but I was very encouraged by many of our family and friends that were praying for us. I truly felt everyone's prayers and felt very comforted by the Lord. I also know many women that have gone through this before and they were very comforting in talking to me about things.

So, yesterday morning we met with my doctor and she came in the room and expressed her sympathy and we talked about different things and then I asked her if she wouldn't mind looking just because she's my doctor and I really wanted her to be there and I would just feel a better peace if she took a look. So we had a different tech (that was the most adorable, & sweetest girl) and my dr. in the room. At first everyone was real quiet and as I studied my dr.s face and listened to her talk with the tech, I knew that something was different. She looks at me and says, "Stacy, that's a heartbeat!" We were all so shocked and relieved and not really knowing how to feel. My doctor even brought another dr. in and got confirmation. We ended up talking with my dr. in her office and she says that she is cautiously optimistic because the growth of the embryo has not changed much since the first time we were scanned on Sept. 11. She is optimistic b/c there is a beating heartbeat which means there is life!

My dr. and I aren't sure if maybe the first scan I had was mis-measured and she said that could be possible b/c it is just a machine and even the slightest millimeter could add days to the due date. We are all pretty uncertain, but she wants me to come back in on Monday morning to have an ultrasound and look for growth. So needless to say, these past few days have been such a whirlwind of emotions. I am so blessed and extremely thankful to hear of how many people that are praying for us and tears fill my eyes to think of God's goodness and kindness to us through all this.

I ask that if you are reading this that you could say a prayer for our little family that all this has been just a big mistake and that everything is growing good and will be a healthy pregnancy.

Thanks again and I'll try to blog whenever I can with the latest.



  1. I am SO glad everything turn around and I will pray that everything goes well!!!

  2. You and your family will be in my prayers...



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