Monday, August 17, 2009

W is for Whoa! Not Me, Monday!

Today W is for Whoa!
Not me, Monday!

Well it's Not me, Monday! time again! Boy, do I have alot to confess...or NOT confess! LOL ;)

  • I did NOT ask a very young looking 30 year old woman (that I did not know) if she was another 30 year old woman's mother at a baby shower last week. (I heard my friend's mother was so young & beautiful, and they happened to be sitting next to each other & talking and they favored each other, so I guess I should have thought about it before I asked...I mean before I DIDN'T ask!) LOL
  • I did NOT wet a ton of nasty brown paper towels in the bathroom today to clean a dirty diaper bottom b/c I left the wipes in the car. Not me, NEVER! (Poor Anna! LOL)
  • I did NOT drop my 3 month old I-phone on the road at Jan Kay Ranch and I did NOT gasp out of sheer terror of what it may look like. (I looks like I'm looking through a cracked windshield now! LOL) Nope, I would NEVER be so clumsy to do something like that! :/
Well, as you can tell, I've had a pretty eventful week! We had a great weekend at Jan Kay Ranch & I've spent all day running errands and catching up on errands. Just trying to get everything back to normal! I'll post more pics as I get them downloaded!

Have a great Monday!



  1. Too funny! What a cute little fritter you have! =)

  2. lol...poor anna...i hate those brown paper towels!!


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