Sunday, August 2, 2009

Q is for A-Quatic!

Today Q is for A-Quatic!
(Pretty creative, huh?)

Well we got home from Houston yesterday afternoon & had a great time visiting with my sister & brother-in-law. We had a fun time & it flew by too fast!

On Friday we went to the Houston Downtown Aquarium. It was so nice & Anna loved it! She loved seeing the "Nemos" everywhere! We ate at the restaurant too and it was so yummy! Anna loved watching all the fish, sharks, & stingrays.

Anna smiling with my mom & sister at the Aquarium Restaurant.

She was so excited & giddy the whole time! :)

All the tanks were beautiful!

We found her favorite friends, Dory & Marlin, together in a tank! :)

Petting a stingray with Nonna! They were beautiful & loved the affection. They reminded me of how cats act when someone pets them.

The aquarium was such a nice place and I'm sure we will be making many more visits there through the years when we go visit Aunt Lindsay, Uncle Daniel, & cousin Nicholas.

Speaking of Nicholas, we are so excited about him coming in Dec. and we spent Saturday crib shopping. We went to all different stores and looked at all the selections and then we finally found one and I love it! Lindsay does too! She got the espresso finish & it is going to look so cute with his bedding in there!

Well that's a little weekend wrap-up! I can't wait to see her again! I think it will be the end of Sept. when we have her shower here! I can't wait to lavish her with goodies! Baby showers are so fun!

Well I have a TON of sewing to do, so back to it!

Have a great Monday! :)


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  1. looks like she loved the aquarium. Glad yall had such a fun time


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