Tuesday, July 21, 2009

J is for Jury Duty

Today J is for Jury Duty!

Well today my hubby was summoned to Jury Duty. He was really bothered at first because he had to miss work, but I think he kinda got into it after it was all over. He is all hush-hush about it all and it is killing b/c I want to be so nosey and ask what it is all about. It is a criminal case so I'm sure it is juicy! LOL

He loves those court shows & forensic file things so he is so funny coming home and telling me all the court & law lingo. He had to call back tonight and find out if he was called back & he was, so tomorrow he starts round 2! I wonder if they will select him and how all that will work out.

I've never had Jury Duty so I'm clueless....

Have you ever had jury duty and did you enjoy it? I think it would be interesting, yet intimidating knowing that someone's verdict lies in your hands....
Well off to bed...That's my verdict! :)

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