Monday, July 20, 2009

I is for Immunizations & Icees! :)

Today I is for immunizations & icee's!
This morning we had to go to Anna's 15 month well check up and it was not very fun. She had to get shots this time around & it was miserable! She had to get two in her arms and one in her thigh. She had never gotten any in her arms, so she didn't like it one bit! Bless her heart!

Her 15 month growth was:

Head--17 3/4in (25%)

Weight-- 19lbs 7 oz (10%)

Height--30 1/2 in (50%)

She's a petite little thing! :)

After we left the doctor it was so hot & I figured a good "after shot" treat would be an Icee! I love Icees in the summer! She got a small coke one (they didn't have the clear white cherry kind! :/) and I got a yummy peach one! It made everything better & she loved it! :)

Well off to take a long "after shot" nap! (Hopefully! :))


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  1. yay for icees!! and boo for shots
    :( she is so sweet!!! she needs to come play with drew this week!!


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