Saturday, July 11, 2009

E is for Excited

Today E is for Excited! I had the sweetest surprise yesterday evening. My hubby came home like normal and got showered and dressed for us to go eat dinner. Well when we walked out of the door, I saw this brand new white Mazda CX-7 in the driveway! I was like WHAT is this?!?! Then he handed me the keys and told me it was mine and said he had been working on it all week long...LOL...I had no clue & it was such a fun surprise! My dad has been a salesman at our Mazda dealership for like 25 years, so I love Mazdas & he gave us such a great deal on it! I'm so excited and can't wait to go on an afternoon drive! :)

It was such a happy evening, but it ended on such a sad note. Our family dog, Duke, was hit by a car in front of our house around 10:30 after we got home. It was so sad and tramatic. We are very sad that he is gone, but he was such a sweet & good dog! He was about 7 years old and my husband's dog before we got married, so he was very close to him. He is very sad, but hopefully as time goes by it will be easier. I just found this picture of him from about 3 years ago & he loved laying in this chair....He was so sweet! He will be dearly missed!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear of your dog. We lost one the same way 3 years ago, so I know how you feel. Plus, our bulldog just passed away last week after a brief illness (we think she had a brain tumor) and she was my hubby's dog so he is also very sad. It's always hard to lose a pet.

  2. Oh Stacey. I am so sorry to hear about ya'lls dog. I would be devastated if anything happened to our mess makers. I'll keep you guys in our prayers.

    That is awesome about the new car! I'm so excited for you. I hope you enjoy it.

  3. I'm so sorry for the loss of your dog :( It's so hard when a part of the family dies :(

    I love the car, though--what a great surprise from your honey!


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