Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Babies In Bookland

This morning I took Anna to our local library's storytime. It was our first time to do anything like this, but I know how much she loves books and we are always looking for fun things to do to get out of the house! Plus, it is free! :) I was actually surprised at Anna's reaction when we got there b/c she is usually pretty clingy to me in new areas. Not here! She was climbing to get down and go play in the basket of books. She was so amazed at all the fun friends around her and she immediately started being silly & laughing and talking to the new little friends. Everything was fine & dandy, until it was circle time. Well circle time & 13 month olds don't really mix well, so she started the flinging & wailing & screaming bit during storytime...I swear I felt like a mom on SuperNanny when their kids start to kick and scream...LOL...Poor thing...But the lady was so sweet & told me to keep bringing her b/c she will eventually get the hang of it....Let's hope so! :) After being rewarded for such great behavior ( with a Happy Meal, Little Fritter came home and took a 2 1/2 hour nap & I snuck a little one in too! :)

Well, off to bed...My friend Beth is coming over tomorrow morning & I'm going to show her how to sew a pillowcase dress. I'm excited she wants to learn from me! :) I'll post pictures soon of our finished work!


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  1. I love your new background and I wish I knew how to sew a pillow case dress! Although, I have no one to make them for...


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